That’s going to leave a mark

Last week, one of Rush Limbaugh’s replacements missed it when he allowed a caller to misrepresent Obama as a man who came from meager means, and thus (by implication) understood the struggles facing many today. While he certainly wasn’t born with the vast wealth many politicians have had (Kennedy, Pelosi, Gore), he wasn’t exactly poor. And, he hasn’t lived in disadvantage in a very, very long time. Victor Davis Hanson brings up that Obama really, really likes the privileged lifestyle.

Finally, this summer’s golfing at Martha’s Vineyard has torn the curtain away from an image that Barack Obama has taken a lifetime to cultivate, to considerable advantage. He was decidedly a middle-class prep-schooler in Hawaii. He was not born into Clinton-like poverty. Occidental and Columbia are not Eureka College or Texas A&M. When Obama finally got some real money, he almost immediately bought a wannabe Chicago mansion and tried to enhance his grounds with help from Mrs. Tony Rezko. Nothing in Obama’s résumé suggests poverty — or disdain for elite enjoyment.

Oh, but it gets better.

[I]n our upside-down world of race, a Clarence Thomas or a Condoleezza Rice, who grew up amid the authentic African-American struggle against Jim Crow, could never quite be as legitimately “black” as was Barack Obama (preppie, half-white/half-Kenyan), simply because liberal identity politics offers instant superficial authentication in a way real life cannot.

While Thomas and Rice receive nothing but disdain from the African American community.

But this last in-your-face Martha’s Vineyard vacation was one too many even for our most adroit gymnast of identity and class politics: The public at last really does believe that Barack Obama, whatever his heritage or nomenclature, is an out-of-touch elitist who simply likes hanging out with wealthy people and shares their refined tastes, even as millions are out of work or broke.

This, as he prepares his labor day speech which is sure to be filled with class warfare.

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3 Comments on “That’s going to leave a mark”

  1. Jay in Ames Says:

    Don’t forget the infrastructure spending, thrown out like loaves of bread to the crowd in the coliseum!

  2. Yeah, I can’t wait for the speech…

    Ok, I can, but I can’t wait for the inevitable fisking that bloggers will do to it 😉

  3. Car in Says:

    The infrastructure spending promise is more, I think, to bash conservatives when they balk.

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