Mike Thompson is a complete asshole

I’ve long loathed Free Press political cartoonist Mike Thompson. His snarky, liberal attacks – in cartoon form – were one of the main reasons I canceled my subscription to the Free Press. There were others, oh there were others.

So, here’s today’s piece of shit commentary:

Ok, first – I have to say I amused by the truthiness in Thompson’s cartoon. Notice the disarray that surrounds the kids. Garbage in the yard. The accuracy is stunning. I’m always amazed, at the garbage and disorder that surrounds the less fortunate. Because picking up shit in your yard DOESN’T COST ANYTHING. It’s free. You can close the screen door and pick up your trash for free. You can even send your kids out to to it. There is no reason you need to throw your old mattress into the neighbor’s yard (which someone did at our house in Detroit) because you can – for free – take care of that shit yourself.

Anyway, onto the welfare issue. Michigan is “throwing to the wolves” folks who have been on a particular form of welfare for over four years. FOUR YEARS. Some of these folks have been on welfare for 14 years.

You have to seriously question the integrity of lawmakers who would throw thousands of children deeper into crushing poverty. Animals instinctively understand the importance of protecting their young; we humans seem to have lost that instinct.

Uh, Mike – animals instinctively protect THEIR OWN YOUNG. Unlike those folks on welfare for 14 years, who had kids perhaps before they could provide for them. Or, had more children, even though they couldn’t afford the ones they had. Animals often EAT the young of those who don’t belong to them. Welfare folks – they are depending on OTHERS to provide for their children. The hard work of others. They are – moochers. Now, everyone falls on hard times. Happens to the best of folks. But, after four years? Or 14?

These folks don’t want to get off the tit. They actually sent letters out to those 11,000 folks who were going to reach the end of their goodies to offer help finding employment. You know how many were interested in that help?

Eight. 11,000 letters. Eight wanted help finding a job. 1,401 responded to the letter, using a toll-free number, asking for information and assistance. Only 8 wanted assistance in finding a job.

Now, before you assume that these folks are all going to be living on the streets, the program being cut is for CASH assistance. Not food or housing or home heating, or utility assistance. Cash assistance, which averages at $515 a month. It can be used on whatever although most article I read stressed that it was used on things such as diapers and other necessities.

The hysteria is turned up to eleven:

Democrats argued the time limit makes sense when employment is low, but financially punishes parents and their children when jobs are scarce. An estimated 25,000 children will be affected by the cutoff.

“This bill takes food away from the parents,” said Rep. Kate Segal, D-Battle Creek. “We cannot continue to abuse the children of this state.”

Oh, but …

Republicans argued that benefits extensions would be available for the disabled and others medically incapable of work, and parents caring for disabled children. They added the poor will still have access to medical care, day care services and food assistance.

“There should be a strong safety net for Michigan residents, but it should not be a lifestyle,” said Rep. Ken Horn, R-Frankenmuth.

DHS officials said Wednesday that recipients affected by the limit would receive a final notice next week. Individually, they’ll receive appointments with caseworkers to create a plan for independence and connect them with resources to achieve that goal.

“Together with our community partners, we will continue to refine a comprehensive strategy for each community and an individual plan for each family,” said DHS Director Maura Corrigan.

Those cruel Republicans. Trying to force the able-bodied to care for themselves.

Now, in honor of beasn and my upcoming event, apparently, he’s some FFDP for you.

And, since I’m running the Crim on Saturday Here’s another vid. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to me:

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5 Comments on “Mike Thompson is a complete asshole”

  1. MJ Says:

    Oh, that’s great! I was going to send you the blister scene but thought you would think it’s too gross.

    Good luck tomorrow! You are going to kick ass.

  2. Car in Says:

    Ha. It is really gross. I actually have a hard time watching it.

  3. Hotspur Says:

    The State of Michigan has owed me over $10k since March of 2010. I guess they’ve been needing it for “the children” instead.

  4. Hotspur Says:

    Oh, and good luck with your run tomorrow. You go, Girl.

  5. Kirby Says:

    Blister video…. disgusting

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