Winning the Future, by creating jobs


Indeed, even if that $10 billion estimate holds true, it would cover just a fraction of the $65 billion in total costs imposed by the nearly 350 new federal regulations introduced since beginning of this year alone, according to an analysis by Sen. John Barrasso (R., Wyo.). And those are only the rules for which the administration deigned to analyze the economic consequences before implementing them. Hundreds more have been put in place without regard to cost or the impact on jobs.

But have no fear, Obama is busy golfing and biking with his family in Martha’s Vineyard so he can come up with some great new ideas for job creation.

His jobs proposal is going to be nothing but a campaign slogan. Wait for it. His plan? Vote for me.

The president who first inspired with great speeches on red and blue America now seems to lack the ability to communicate any sense of resolve for a program, or any realization of the urgency of what might befall us. The teleprompter he almost always uses symbolizes and compounds his emotional distance from his audience.

We lack a coherent and muscular economic strategy, as Mr. Obama and his staff seem almost completely focused on his re-election. He should be spending most of his time on the nitty-gritty of the job instead of on fund raisers, bus tours and visits to diners, which essentially are in service of his political interests. Increasingly his solutions seem to boil down to Vote for Me.

Reuters on the “contours” of the Obama jobs package:

The package, to be unveiled in early September, is Obama’s chance to convince skeptical voters he can bring down the 9.1 percent unemployment rate and steer the United States away from another recession — ahead of next year’s election.

Ha ha ha. What did I just write and quote up there? Jobs package plan: Vote For Me. Why hasn’t he done any of this before? Why wait until NOW to roll out these, supposed, job creating ideas?

The president is widely expected to repeat his calls for an extension of a payroll tax cut, push for patent reform and bilateral free trade deals, and suggest an infrastructure bank to upgrade the country’s roads, airports and other facilities.

Retrofitting schools with energy efficient technology would allow the government to directly hire for labor-intensive work and also give a boost to the clean energy sector that Obama has said could be an important U.S. economic motor.

He’s kidding, right? Refurbishing schools? That has to be one of the most blatent acts of political pandering I’ve ever seen. But it gets worse:

Other measures being considered, according to economists who have advised the White House, include tax credits for firms hiring more workers, funds for local governments to hire teachers, and retraining help for the long-term unemployed. Steps to boost the ailing housing market are also under review.

Fail, fail, fail.

“What’s going to be included in this plan are some reasonable ideas that could have a tangible impact on improving our economy and creating jobs … the kinds of things that Republicans should be able to support,” Earnest said. “These are bipartisan ideas that the president is going to offer up.”

Reasonable ideas? Where. You know, just claiming that these ideas are bipartisan ideas doesn’t make it so. Give me the name of a conservative (David Brooks doesn’t count) who put forth ONE of these ideas.

One of Obama’s major tasks with his upcoming speech is to make the case that without the economic rescue measures he already put through, things would be worse.

Yea, I bet. Wouldn’t want the electorate to get the idea into their head that Obama’s made the wrong decisions so far. That he’s totally screwed the pooch. Get ready for it, because statement like the following are going to be the mainline of the Obama reelection campaign:

I know it’s not popular to say this, but when the Obama administration came into office the house was really on fire, and it turns out that it was a bigger fire that people realized, even at the time,” Greenstone said.

It was SO MUCH WORSE than we though. It was an apocalypse (someone said that on Fox News yesterday).

Obama may struggle to convince voters the new measures can help hiring. Though the White House contends the auto bailout and other steps saved jobs that would have otherwise been lost, many Americans are losing faith in Obama’s economic abilities. That is reflected in his approval ratings, which have fallen to around 43 percent, the lowest level of his presidency.

Ha ha ha. Nice try Reuters. His approval ratings have fallen a tad lower than that. Try 39%.

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6 Comments on “Winning the Future, by creating jobs”

  1. Jay in Ames Says:

    Well, at least he’s being consistent. Refurbishing schools with energy efficient technology hits 2 lib targets with 1 stone: green jobs and education spending.

    He’s nothing if he isn’t tenacious.

  2. The only thing that’s ready for the shovel is the economy.

  3. beasn Says:

    Let’s talk of more important things.

    The husband is telling me he doesn’t want to go. Car in, will you go with me?

  4. beasn Says:

    We could like put fake tats on our faces with ink pens.

  5. Car in Says:

    Ha. I’m THERE beasn!

  6. Hotspur Says:

    The only thing that’s ready for the shovel is the economy.

    Along with most of what comes out of the Presentdent’s mouth.

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