FIAF -Martha’s Vineyard Edition

Presidential Hara-Kiri?. Why would Obama not cancel his 10-day vacation in one of America’s most expensive resorts? Where wealthy elites (millionaires and billionaires) hang out? Where Americans could never afford to go, if they can even go on a vacation this year?

I think the answer lies in Obama’s professorial-style arrogance, and a condescending approach towards ordinary Americans.

This is a US presidency with a distinctly Upstairs Downstairs approach towards running the country. At the end of the day, Barack Obama is in a serious state of denial if he believes the US electorate won’t care if their president acts with impunity at a time of tremendous economic turmoil and uncertainty.

Keith Koffler argues that Obama is not over-vacationed. While he certainly takes more vacations than your average worker in today’s economy, the nit I pick isn’t with his actual vacation-day count. It’s the how and where. It’s the party- style life he lives when he’s NOT on vacation. It’s the lack of work we see out of the guy when he’s supposed to be working ( that jobs package? Next month -WTF has he been doing all this time besides welcoming this winning sports team in the Rose Garden or entertaining foreign dignitaries? )

Of course, Koffler does think Michelle is over-vacationed. 42 days in the past year, mostly paid for by us.

Peggy Noonan nails it again:

On the timing, there’s an air of economic crisis hanging over everything, a sense that other shoes may drop. Actually it’s a sense of something impending, with unemployment high, Europe broke and the Mideast reaching full boil. A politician who wanted to impart a sense of leadership in crisis, who passionately wanted to keep the presidency, and who was prudently anxious about his prospects just might let such a moment change his plans.

As for the location, the president loves Martha’s Vineyard, and there’s a lot to love—beautiful beaches, hills, biking. But it’s a little island whose summertime population is dominated by those who, due to their affluence, are essentially detached everyday life in America. It’s a playground of the liberal rich: hedge-fund maestros, network producers, Wall Street heavyweights, left-leaning activists. It’s the kind of place that reverberates in the national imagination—that tags you as elitist no matter how many g’s you drop.

The population of Martha’s Vineyard is detached from the problems facing ordinary Americans, just as Obama is detached. Aside from it threatening his presidency, the challenges facing Americans today are merely academic to Obama. His flies AF1, and eats his Kobe beef, and Michelle goes on vacation for 42 days.

Obama has worked hard in one respect. His re-election effort. From USA Today :

President Obama has headlined 127 fundraising events for himself and others, significantly outpacing the fundraising activity of the previous five presidents during their first terms, new research obtained by USA TODAY shows.

At this point in their term, George W had held 88 fundraisers, and Clinton 76.

Now we see why Obama needs to rest and relax.


You know who can save us from all this? Paul Ryan. *swoon*


Stepehn Moore offers a smackdown of Keynesian economics.

Mr. Carney explained that unemployment insurance “is one of the most direct ways to infuse money into the economy because people who are unemployed and obviously aren’t earning a paycheck are going to spend the money that they get . . . and that creates growth and income for businesses that then lead them to making decisions about jobs—more hiring.”

That’s a perfect Keynesian answer, and also perfectly nonsensical. What the White House is telling us is that the more unemployed people we can pay for not working, the more people will work. Only someone with a Ph.D. in economics from an elite university would believe this.

I have two teenage sons. One worked all summer and the other sat on his duff. To stimulate the economy, the White House wants to take more money from the son who works and give it to the one who doesn’t work. I can say with 100% certainty as a parent that in the Moore household this will lead to less work.


Now for a bit of live QOTSA from this year – put your headphones on to really hear it.

With Josh on the vocals on this one, I like it a ton better.

The ending is so awesome. *bangs head*

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