I’ve been wondering …

How the Presidential Vacation was faring. Was it still a go? Or have the current economic conditions put a kabosh on the whole thing?

Well, good news. It’s a go!

Certainly, not everyone can go on vacation. We can’t. But the president certainly can’t be expected to suffer along with us. I mean, I’m sure he feels our pain and all that, but he can just as easily feel that pain while he’s on Martha’s Vineyard! And while many of us have canceled our vacations this summer, we should just be relieved to know that the President can still enjoy himself.

Zero Hedge rips Obama a new one:

We bring you this special announcement courtesy of the White House which has informed that American plebs that following a fantastic job well done, in which the market is now back to pre-QE2 levels, unemployment is near record highs, delays for presidential press meetings compare with Newark airplane take offs, pessimism is at record highs, America’s credit rating has just been downgraded, the country was nearly bankrupted, and sales of end of the world provisions are through the roof (not to mention ammunition), president Obama is taking a well-deserved vacation at Martha’s Vineyard at the end of the month.

As Carney pointed out in the briefing, there really is not such thing as a Presidential Vacation. I mean, he’s still the same hard-working president on vacation that he is when he’s in D.C.

Exit question – who believes Obama is really going to be riding around in that bus?

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2 Comments on “I’ve been wondering …”

  1. Steve B Says:

    Which, I think, is rather sadly the point. He does pretty the same thing at work that he does during vacation. Jack diddly squat.

  2. Svenster Says:

    You know, I’m sick to death of this crap that the presidency is such a tough job–justifying an elaborate vacation every time you turn around. The job can be demanding if you take it seriously, but for a poser like Obama it is 24/7 of being waited on and catered to, interrupted by an occasional unpleasant meeting or tedious fundraiser. Tell me, what would you rather do; keep your job bolting widgets to the Viper 5000, or be President of the United States with all its trappings (including vacations)?

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