Today’s Must Read

Victor Davis Hanson NAILS it in this entire article, but this quote articulates EXACTLY what I was trying to express last night at the dinner table:

There is an embarrassing lack of talent and imagination in the last generation of the technocrats. One banal memo about a “tea-party downgrade” or a “jihadist” takeover of the Republican party is mimicked by dozens of politicians and journalists who cannot think of any more creative phraseology.

But, it’s more than just a lack of talent and imagination. They mocking jay this stuff everywhere, because they think we’re stupid. That if this is repeated enough, folks will fall for it.

Some, of course, have fallen for it. I took a visit to Huffpoo last night, and certainly there were plenty carrying that Tea Party Terrorist banner for them. Avoid those folks. They are completely without reasoning skillz.

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