So, this is what fairness looks like?

Mona Charen on the results of the Obama agenda:

The burden of Obamacare, most of which does not take effect until 2014, is mostly in the realm of fear and uncertainty. Employers do not know how much each new hire will cost under the new health-care regime. Nor can they estimate how the 129 new boards, commissions, and agencies will affect the business world. Meanwhile, the EPA is regulating carbon dioxide as an air pollutant. The National Labor Relations Board is attempting to prevent the Boeing Corporation from opening a new plant in South Carolina. The FCC is seeking to exert control over Internet commerce through the deceptively named “net neutrality” policy. The Department of Labor is strictly enforcing racial and gender quotas. And the Federal Reserve, along with the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (created by the Dodd-Frank law) is practically freezing small-business lending.

The Obama government “does big things.” You little people have no clue, you can’t even eat correctly. Obama’s got solar panels and wind turbines and low-fat lunches and government jobs for everyone. Mandates about fuel mileage standards.

All the while, chastising millioniares and billionaires (of which he is one) and corporate jets (while he and Michelle and flying around in AF 1).

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5 Comments on “So, this is what fairness looks like?”

  1. Light sockets to toilets to dinner plates, oh my!

  2. Cathy Says:

    I wish we had a way to measure the mental and emotional abuse our POTUS has thwarted on the American people so we could get a restraining order.

    And while we’re at it, let’s start getting some of our legislators locked up in mental wards since it’s clear that many of them are psychotic liars, morons, or just plain insane.

  3. beasn Says:

    Cathy, I think most of them are addicted to either prescription drugs or crack. Thus the reason why they don’t want the border locked down…it will make it harder to get their fixes.

  4. Steve B Says:

    Don’t forget telling individual states that they can’t enforce immigration laws!

  5. Svenster Says:

    Who are the terrorists and hostage-takers again? Who are the traitors to the constitution?

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