We’re Screwed

Good reading on the Gang of Six plan.

Synopsis for those to lazy to click? Basically, the plan is more Washington smoke an mirrors. Entitlement programs are untouched. $1 Trillion in new tax revenue. Spending still increases, it just does so at a slower rate.

Mark Steyn on the plan:

If you take the Gang’s figure of half-a-trillion dollars in immediate “aggressive deficit reduction” seriously, that represents about what the U.S. government borrows every four months. What’s “aggressive” about that? And what’s immediate about it? It’s all unspecified “discretionary spending caps” and “process reforms” that will collapse like soufflés ten minutes after the signing ceremony. Obviously it’s appealing to Democrats: It accepts their view that 25 percent of GDP should be the new baseline for national (“federal” no longer seems quite the word) government spending. But what’s in it for Republicans?

Jeff G doesn’t seem impressed with it either:

– That benefits big government and the ruling class, raises taxes, leaves entitlements unreformed, and gives the federal government the money it needs to institutionalize its tax and spend agenda up to the point when it inevitably crashes the system.

Obama’s happy with it, which should automatically make you pause.

At the top of the White House press briefing, Obama described the plan as “good news,” adding that it was “broadly consistent” with the approach he had endorsed for reducing the deficit.

Start taking notes, now, on those RINOS we need to target for the next election:

Another key endorsement came from Sen. Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), the third-ranking Republican in the Senate.

“This is a serious, bipartisan proposal that will help stop Washington from spending money that we don’t have, and I support it,” Alexander said.

Really? Because my read says it doesn’t stop. It just slows it down just a little bit.

Primer on Cut, Cap, and Balance – you know, the Kabuki theater Obama was talking about.


What, exactly, was his approach?

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2 Comments on “We’re Screwed”

  1. What, exactly, was his approach?

    To remain unserious about his own actions at all costs, of course.


    If this isn’t part of a wall-to-wall campaign ad in 2012, then the Repubs can’t lose enough.

  2. MJ Says:

    I’m of the opinion that Obama’s strategy with all legislation is to run out the clock, then sign whatever piece of crap the wimps in the gang of six, or gang of four, or gang of what-the-fuck-ever comes up with.

    If they were smart, the house would go along with the plan, scratch it at the last second, and pass a short term increase with identical, immediate cuts. Dare the senate and the president to reject it.

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