FIAF – busy day edition

So … would you let Casey Anthony babysit your kid?


He said what?:

In comments on the House floor, Rangel warned blacks would be disproportionately affected because many African-Americans have sought work in the public sector for reasons related to job security.

“And so many African-Americans, for reasons that I do not have to go into, have sought public service as a way of life because of the security that’s involved in it,” Rangel said on the House floor. “And so, when we talk about cutting the budget and cutting the services that are provided, we’re talking about a larger number of minorities that would be losing their jobs as a result of budget cutting.”

So, we can’t cut public sector jobs because that would be racist, because blacks -for reasons I do not have to go into – seek out those jobs. We can’t cut government spending, because … racism. Of course.

Now watch this:

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One Comment on “FIAF – busy day edition”

  1. I’ve been waiting for someone to say that. Blacks are disproportionately represented in public service jobs, and I’ve been waiting for someone to say its racist to cut those jobs because blacks would be hurt.

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