Sometimes, you have more than you need

So, Obama has “hundreds of thousands of dollars” he doesn’t need?

I hate to break it to him, but he and his wife appear to be developing a fondness for the finer things in life. All of which, right now, are being paid for by you and me.

Those hundreds of thousands of dollars are going to come in handy in about 18 months.

Just saying.

But, if he doesn’t need the money, he is under no coercion to keep it. He can give it all away. He can send it to the treasury. He can give it to a food bank. There is no compulsion to keeping all that ill-gotten good.

He could SAVE it for a rainy day. Perhaps his post-presidency memoirs don’t sell as well as he hopes? I mean, we’ve already gotten TWO books of his life supposedly written by him. That market may be saturated.

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3 Comments on “Sometimes, you have more than you need”

  1. MJ Says:

    Need and want are two different things.

    I have money I don’t need, technically, but I don’t have money I don’t want.

    Same for Obummer.

  2. Car in Says:

    It’s a stupid statement, because Obamabi doesn’t “need” any money right now.

    Plus- and -go ahead and give it away.

    Obama can give it to whomever he wants. That’s why it’s a big old bald faced LIE.

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