Outrage Overload

You know how we got into this mess? It’s not the overspending by the federal government. It’s because of those companies with corporate jets.

Do I smell desperation? Oh yes. I do.

Over at Huffpoo, they’re trumpeting that Obama is “open to economic stimulus” as part of debt reduction deal. REally? I’ve got an idea, asshole. How about you stop spending FIRST. Then well talk because every time you open your pile-hole about cutting spending, I hear words but they simply have no meaning. This is just unbelievable:

“One of the most important things we can do for debt and deficit reduction is to grow the economy,” Obama said. “Deficit reduction, debt reduction should be part of an overall package for job growth over the long term. It is not the only part of it, but it is an important part of it.”

To bolster that statement, the president offered a preview of how congressional Democrats might ultimately agree to a debt-ceiling bill they may not philosophically support. Lawmakers, Obama said, should be comfortable attaching stimulus measures to a debt ceiling deal, even if those measures would increase the deficit in the short term.

WHAT? Is this man fucking high? Has he learned NOTHING from the last two-and-a-half years?

As for what those “ideas worth exploring” might be, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has spoken about the president’s support for “targeted investments … in education, in research and development, innovation and infrastructure” to be included in the debt ceiling package. Other administration officials have hinted that an infrastructure bank would be a logical add-on.

See? This is what I’m talking about. My outrage meter has exploded. I’m losing the ability to react to this stupidity.

We’re BROKE. Our public spending is going to ruin us. Social programs have become monsters, and soon we will all be slaves merely to pay for social security and medicare. How’s that going to work out?

And this man wants to spend more. He didn’t work the other $3.7 trillion times he tried it.

“It makes sense if we are looking at an overall package to see whether there are some things we can do to sustain the recovery, so long as the overall package achieves our goals, … which is $4 trillion worth of cuts over a 12-year period and making sure we are bending the costs of things like health care over the long term,” he explained.

That is a lie. We are NOT “bending” the cost of things like health care. A new CBO report finds that “the cost of Medicare and Medicaidwill drive federal spending to all-time highs in coming decades. There is NO cost savings in Obamacare.

Many economists consider infrastructure spending widely more beneficial than re-figuring tax incentives. Still, as a congressional outreach goes, offering a bit of stimulus to go alongside a major debt-reduction deal makes some sense. For one thing, Hill Democrats have been demanding it.

“Many economists”? Which economists would those be? I’m sure some economists would advocate the digging and filling of holes in the White House lawn as widely beneficial.

Second, so long as a stimulus is placed within that larger package of cuts, it becomes difficult for Republicans to criticize. The only argument mustered in opposition to the idea was that the debt ceiling bill wasn’t the right vehicle for a targeted stimulus.

Not it doesn’t and no it shouldn’t. If republicans go along with stimulus hidden among budget cuts, then they can be looking for a job in 2012.

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