Mona Charen knocks one out of the park:

CNN’s Candy Crowley: “Something that the president said this week struck me. . . . He said it’s not as cool to be an Obama supporter as it was in 2008. . . . I think he’s right. I think it’s not as cool to be an Obama supporter now. How do you get cool back into this?”

Gee, how do you compare a campaign that was based entirely on vapid promises and vaporous sentiment with a referendum on actual job performance?

Hey now … remember, we’ve to to see this thing though! OBAMA 2012! ARE YOU IN?


And here’s a funny bit- Johah Goldberg notes that the Chevy Volt sales are still pathetic, although GM is burying the news:

Instead, the total – 481 – is in the detailed PDF of the Chevrolet brand sales totals and shows the car is suffering from another month-to-month drop; GM sold 493 in April. Last month, GM told us that drop in Volt sales compared to March’s 608 units was due, in part, to the company sending 300 Volts to dealers to use as demo vehicles.

Good read in Big Government about GM.

How else to explain the GM all solar-powered Volt plant? Solar paneling which cost $3 million to purchase and install – buy only saves them $15,000 a year in electricity.

Let’s do the math, shall we?

This means that for the plant to break even via savings on the green investment, it will have to operate – without solar fail, while making unprofitable cars no one wants – for two hundred years.

But wait – the average solar panel lifespan is 20-25 years, after which you have to purchase them all over again. So you’ll have to refit the factory 8-10 times during that 200 years, at another approximately $3 million (plus inflation) a pop, so….

Oh, and the panels are pretty much radioactive when spent, so getting rid of them ain’t cheap.

More on that here.

In a creepy bit of double speak, we get this:

In a news release, Bob Ferguson, vice president of GM public policy, said the new array “will significantly decrease energy consumption by combining solar power with ongoing efficiency tactics such as lighting and equipment upgrades and automating equipment shut-down.

“Obviously cost savings is critical for GM, and the ability to save $15,000 per year while being environmental serves us well.”

Of course, GM is “saving” the $15,000 per year (which is a pittance- and anyone with a bit of sense would be too embarrassed to mention it) because DTE is paying for the installation of the panals. They are being FORCED to do such an insane act under a 2008 Michigan energy law that require the state’s utilities to provide 10% of their power from renewable sources by 2015. THANKS JENNY.

And … who is paying for this ultimately? DTE customers? Taxpayers? Both, I’m sure.

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