Must Note

Puppy blender quoted VDH’s piece “The Metaphysics of Contemporary Theft” which I linked in the previous piece, but I must highlight it here:

We are left with a paradox. The taxpayer cannot indefinitely fund the emergency room treatment for the shooter and his victim on Saturday night if society cannot put a tool down for five minutes without a likely theft, or a farmer cannot turn on a 50-year old pump without expecting its electrical connections to have been ripped out. Civilization simply cannot function that way for either the productive citizen or the parasite, who still needs a live host.

Put another way:

[G]angbanger A shoots up gangbanger B; B goes to emergency room for publicly funded $250,000 worth of surgery and post-op treatment by C, an MD, who otherwise would have been insulted and intimidated by A or B should he have met either earlier in the day. Indeed, C is more likely to be ridiculed or sued by B than thanked. And yet C does not need either A or B; both need the former in extremis.

Obama and his liberal cohorts admonish us of the need for social justice, meanwhile the average working stiff gets it coming and going. Theft, and crime and then the tax bill to pay for the “social justice.”

(eh – I see they have this up at Ace’s. Whatever)

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One Comment on “Must Note”

  1. agile_dog Says:

    I am starting to find the term “social justice” extremely offensive and infuriating – there is no such thing. Society (the “social” piece of “social justice”) has norms and expectations, not rules. The goverment has rules (i.e the law), and therefore the concept of “justice” (punishment for breaking their rules). Remember, it is always the liberals telling us not to take justice into our own hands – we, as members of our own society, cannot administer the goverment’s “justice”. So “social justice” is a bullshit phrase used to justify whatever it is someone wants the outcomes to be, nothing more.

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