FIAF – Patty Ann Edition

I’m not one for fancy words, so I’ve let other do what I don’t do so well; write tributes to Patty Ann who passed away Tuesday.

But I did ask, and receive permission, to post this image (artist’s conception) of Patty Ann:

Yea, Patty Ann was that kick ass.

Anyway, onto the bs:

Somone kick Peggy Noonan is the poon.

But this week he got three big boosts. He had a reasonable announcement speech followed by a lot of national interviews. Then the Washington Post poll: Mr. Romney leads President Obama. On top of that, the two most visible Republicans the past 10 days were Sarah Palin ,on her magical mystery tour, and him. They got all the coverage, and for a moment it seemed like a two-person race. Meaning a lot of Republicans got to think, “Hmm, Palin or Romney—a trip to Crazytown or the man of sober mien.” That did not hurt him.

Noonan is your political better, who is fit to tell you who is a respectable candidate. He’s got the optics, you see:

All candidates for president are network or local. Romney is a network anchorman—sleek, put together, the right hair, a look of dignity. He’s like Brian Williams. Some candidates are local anchormen—they’re working hard, they’re pros, but they lack the patina, the national sense. Reagan, Clinton, Obama—they were network. This has to do not only with persona, but with a perceived broadness of issues and competencies. It’s not decisive, and it can change—Harry Truman was local, and became network. But it probably helps Mr. Romney that he’s network.

He looks presidential. SQUEEL!!!

In ’08, Romney’s brand was at odds with his stand. He looked and had the feel of a well-born Eastern moderate Republican. But he positioned and portrayed himself as grass-roots tea-party. It was jarring, didn’t seem to fit, and contributed to the impression that he was an attractive lump of poll-tested packaging. He’s trying to get around this in two ways. First, he’s attempting to focus on economic issues, on which he has personal and professional credibility. Second, he’s trying to demonstrate authenticity by sticking to some stands unpopular with the base—global warming, health care.

He’s authentic because he supports global warming and his health care history. Do.Not. Want. that authenticity bullshit. He’s authentically not a conservative.

The Democrats this year will try to paint the Republican candidate as radical on health spending. It would be harder to do that to Mr. Romney.

Yea. That’s a great idea. Let’s beat those democrats by not opposing what they stand for. BRILLIANT.

Or, say … here’s an idea. How ’bout we pick a Republican who is … you know, actually conservative? How about we stop listening to the Washington insiders who got us John McCain as a candidate.

I know. CRAZY.

Jeff G demonstrates the idiocy of depending on the media (left and right) to inform us about our candidates, the newest example of which is the rigorous investigation of Sarah Palin’s emails.

The press couldn’t be bothered to dig up Obama’s past associations, or his transcripts, or anything about him that would trouble voters they were relying upon to buy into the hope and change and historic aspects of his presidency. Similarly, they sat on the story of John Edwards’ mistress and baby, just as before they’d spiked the Monica Lewinski story — just as today they are moving to turn the Anthony Weiner story into an indictment of “right wing hypocrisy” for conservatives having noticed it at all.

But they ARE ON the 24,000 email’s Palin composed while governor of Alaska.

The worst part of all this, of course, will be watching David Frum, David Brooks, Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Jen Rubin, most of the writers at Commentary, and half the writers at National Review and the Weekly Standard scurrying to get in on the action.

That remains to be seen. Will they disappoint us once again and join with the tut-tutting?

I think this does the establishment no good — except insofar as they WILL create a story out of nothing, run it for a while (‘”we’re just asking questions!”), drive it, through inference, into the national consciousness, at which point the right will tell us about Palin’s “baggage” and reluctantly conclude she can’t win, etc etc. All of which is designed to try to keep her out of the race.

– Because she can’t win, you see. And she’s unserious. And nobody would vote for her. So really, this is all for her own good. And our own good.

BiW has similar thoughts :

Whether it’s the vacuous and groundless criticisms leveled at Sarah Palin, (She’s dumb, she’s a hillbilly, Trig isn’t hers, OMG, she didn’t give a polished and pat answer to the hostile reporter’s query, its her fault the nutbar shot Gabby Giffords, or that she’s a quitter because she decided to stop costing the taxpayers of Alaska money fighting boundless and, ultimately frivolous ethics complaints and resigned the governorship), the “he doesn’t have a policy plan for every single contingency” leveled at Herman Cain, someone who I would wager has more ideas that would actually grow the economy and jobs in his little finger than The President and all of Congress have between themselves and their legions of advisors and staff. Besides, I’m quite sure that the only reason an “electable candidate” like Mitt Romney can cogently answer a specific foreign policy question because at least one or more paid advisor has advised him on a safe, or expected answer to such question.


Now, a song for Patty Ann, which she’ll prolly hate because it’s Tool but it’s the sweetest song written by Maynard upon the death of his mom:

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4 Comments on “FIAF – Patty Ann Edition”

  1. A few comments…

    Peggy Noonan showed her true colors back in 2008. She tried hard to erase what she had done (the hot mic incident) by sucking up to Sarah Palin in a couple of column, and that failed miserably. You can only ride Reagan’s coattails for so long, Peggy, before your ass wears a hole in them.

    I have a sneaky suspicion that some of the volunteers that get recruited will be on our ideological camp. Spies, as it were. Galls me that the press is doing this but gave a fucking pass to Obama and every other dem.

    As for PattyAnn, she would love the song. I just know it 😉

  2. clintbird Says:

    I must respectfully disagree w/aggie. I’m convinced PattyAnn would much rather hear AC/DC.

  3. Just another Dick Says:

    John and I chatted a couple of times after her death sa to her true preference of music.
    His conclusion, and he knew her better than any of us, was she loved 80’s 90’s 70’s some disco, country jazz, and classical.
    He clearly stated she wasn’t a fan of headbanger music, but more of the mellower stuff. She did like Tom Petty and The Traveling Wilburys.

  4. Car in Says:

    I’m sure I could have found some common ground somewhere with her regarding music.

    but I just truly think the Tool song is beautiful – the message being basically that an angel has ascended. She’s got her wings.

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