Behold the Real World Results of Keynesian Economics

Is this more of that birther bs?

We are witnessing the total failure of academic Keynesian economics, with its heavy emphasis on high taxes and exorbitant government spending. Yet Obama sails blithely on, already in full campaign mode and still blaming George W. Bush and the Republicans (admittedly no models of fiscal restraint or responsibility) for everything.
In the faculty lounge inhabited by the president and his credentialed playmates, the economy is a controlled experiment, with manufacturers and consumers mere lab rats who cheerfully respond to the prodding of their ivory-tower betters, no matter how many taxes and regulations are piled onto their backs.

Yea, that’s not working out so hot.

But the mean-meanie republicans want to STARVE the poor. Roger Kimbal parses the argument as presented by NYT’s Nicholas Kristof:

In his next paragraph Kristof offers this gem:

as America has become more unequal, as we cut off government lifelines to the neediest Americans, as half of states plan to cut spending on higher education this year, let’s be clear about our direction — and about the turnaround that a Republican budget victory would represent.

You have to admire the number of buttons he pushes: “Unequal” — meaning . . . what? No one quite knows, but we’re against inequality, right? “Cut spending for higher eduction” — heavens! But what of the assumption that more spending, and in particular more government spending, somehow equals better education. What do you think of that, Kemo Sabe?

But the best bit of this nauseating patch of sentimentality is the line about cutting off “government lifelines to the neediest Americans.” Why is it that liberals insist on believing — or at least, on saying — that the way to help the needy is by showering them with government (i.e., taxpayer, i.e., your and my) largess?

I can’t believe we’d cut off needy folks, living on the edge, using government assistance to purchase the basic necessities of life:

Click click click to read in all it's glory

Do we really want to be a country that doesn’t allow it’s poorest to use foodstamps to buy lobster and porterhouse steaks?

Is that who we are?

/single tear rolls down cheek, sends entire paycheck to Obama

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2 Comments on “Behold the Real World Results of Keynesian Economics”

  1. Svenster Says:

    No lobster bisque, no peace!

  2. You know the tragedy of that bill? I mean, aside from pairing lobster and steak with Mt. Dew?

    The guy is being charged with selling the stuff for 50 cents on the dollar, NOT for getting it in the first place.

    “Broken” doesn’t begin to describe it…

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