Holy $hit

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10 Comments on “Holy $hit”

  1. Jazz Says:

    So thankful no one was hurt!

  2. Revvy Says:

    Wow. Your driver is a lucky guy to have walked walked away from that.

  3. Jewstin Says:

    That’s rough. That driver is one lucky bastard.

  4. Jay in Ames Says:

    Damn lucky it was the right side of the truck that got hit!

  5. Herr Morgenholz Says:

    Son of a fucking bitch. Best to your driver. How in the fuck did he not get his ass knocked over? Nice slide job too by the tire marks.

    Your employee done good. He deserves a beer.

    (Thank God he’s ok)

  6. Kirby Says:


  7. TGSG Says:

    holy shit.. what a lucky dude!

  8. Hotspur Says:

    God has some important business in that driver’s future. Maybe he’s going to be the father of the next Ronald Reagan.

  9. Lipstick Says:

    Wow, that was a hell of a crash. Give that man a beer or six.

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