Voter I.D. Laws = Poll Tax

Debby Wasserman Shultz explains it on “WAshington Watch with Roland Martin:

Well, photo I.D. laws, we thinks, is – are – are very similar to a poll tax. I mean you look – just look at African-American voters as a snapshot. About 25 percent of African-American voters don’t have a valid photo I.D. I mean – and – and the reason it’s similar to a poll tax is because you’ve got the expense. You’ve got the effort. The – there’s difficulties for s- many people in getting photo I.D. So, you’re literally just throwing a barrier in the way of someone who’s trying to exercise their right to vote.

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4 Comments on “Voter I.D. Laws = Poll Tax”

  1. beasn Says:

    Then, dipshit, ask yourself why 25% of blacks do not have a valid photo ID and do something to make sure they get one.

    I doubt that number is correct, because I would think if you took the whole of everyone on the gubmint teat, the majority of them have to show proof of ID when they pick up or at least cash that gubmint check. RACIST! Not quite, if you have the disproportionate amount of nipple in your pie hole.

  2. Svenster Says:

    Yeah, the effort. Drag your butt over to the Secretary of State’s office. Give them ten bucks and a couple of documents to prove your identity; get a state photo ID. Pretty tough. Certainly too demanding for someone who only wants to do something trivial like voting legally. Or maybe voting legally has nothing to do with it?

  3. If they don’t have a valid photo ID, then they have voted Democrat too long.

  4. Other than out of her hind end, where did she get this 25% number from? I mean I can state any number I want and if I’m a Democrat no one will question it in the press but does that make it true? And if it is true, does that mean they cannot reasonably get photo ID?

    From where I sit, its a fair price to pay for electoral integrity for states to offer free “voter ID” cards to people who demonstrate it is a hardship to buy normal identity cards. I seriously doubt that anyone who doesn’t even have photo ID of any kind votes to begin with.

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