He owns it. All of it.

The economy. It’s his. “Economic Horror as data falls of cliff is how a fund manager at M&G Investments in London describes it. This is no longer Bush’s mess that he’s still trying to clean up. This is Obama’s Smart Economy:

It is sometimes unfair to tag presidents with blame for an underperforming economy. Not this time. This president made conscious policy choices during a deep recession to reorder vast swaths of American industry. Strong-performing economies need clarity. Barack Obama has given ours indecision stretching to the horizon. And economic growth, like a long gray day, sits still below 3%.

This, my friends, is Obama’s economy. Bail-outs, and health care reform, and government intervention. In The American Thinker’s K.E. Campbell quotes this bit from Henry Hazlitt:

The way to slow down the rate of economic growth is, of course, precisely the opposite of this. It is to discourage production, employment, saving, and investment by incessant interventions, controls, threats, and harassment. It is to frown upon profits, to declare that they are excessive, to file constant antitrust suits, to control prices by law or by threats, to levy confiscatory taxes that discourage new investment and siphon off the funds that make investment possible, to hold down interest rates artificially to the point where real saving is discouraged and malinvestment encouraged, to deprive employers of genuine freedom of bargaining, to grant excessive immunities and privileges to labor unions so that their demands are chronically excessive and chronically threaten unemployment–and then to try to offset all these policies by government spending, deficits, and monetary inflation…

I think he’s done every one of these things. The technocrats in Washington believe they can build a better mousetrap, constraining capitalism with their vision of social justice. Evidence abounds, though, that the progressive way hinders, not helps, their social justice ideals.

Case in point:

After passing a gargantuan stimulus plan that was supposed to fix the economy, the unemployment rate continued to rise — until it only recently began falling. Although we are currently at an 8.7 percent unemployment rate, the rate in the black community is at an unpardonably enormous 16.1 percent — the highest of any ethnic group in the country. It is also important to note that black unemployment was lower under Bush than it has been at any point during Obama’s administration. In point of fact, black unemployment was even lower under Bush than it was under Clinton.

A healthy economy is healthy for ALL. Success doesn’t have a ceiling, with no room for blacks. Just ask Herman Cain.

The black community is looking for political change. Yes, Obama is black, but he has proven that his liberalism takes preeminence over his blackness. Liberalism cannot save black America. If Republicans cannot capitalize on this crisis in leadership that Obama has provided and offer a concrete alternative message to the black community as to why conservatism is the answer, it’s safe to say Republicans will never capture the black vote.

Besides, I thought Obama was going to begin our racial healing. We were going to have a national conversation about race.

It’s beer summit time, if you ask me.

In fact, a mob of black youths in Philadelphia went about chanting the phrase “black boys,” beating mostly on whites, and attacking businesses. The same kind of racial mob violence has occurred in Las Vegas, and just last week in New York City. Few are paying attention, and liberal elites are largely silent.

Of course, liberal elites are quick to associate white violence with right-wing politics or white supremacy. But what happens when mob violence is carried out by favored minority groups or liberal constituents?

I suppose I’m racist for bringing this up.

Darleen notes ,“heck of a job, Barry”, over at PW.

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3 Comments on “He owns it. All of it.”

  1. And I just heard Obama is having a “golf summit” with Boehner.

    what happens when mob violence is carried out by favored minority groups or liberal constituents?

    Why, they are just acting out against their oppressors, doncha know.

  2. tomswifty Says:

    I just heard recently that Zero asked that economic news not be included in his daily briefings. Talk about focusing in like a laser on the economy – now he acknowledges he can’t be bothered with all those numbery things!

  3. Car in Says:

    Really? Unbelievable.

    Is there a link?

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