Well, this is certainly shocking

Michelle Obama apparently is having trouble with staff turnover. Actually, the story is rather harmless.

The turnover, greater than under recent first ladies, underscores the pressure and high expectations of working in an operation known for its polish and discipline. A crucial political asset to her husband and his administration, Obama has enjoyed consistently high job approval ratings because of charm, activism — and by avoiding mistakes and controversy.

It goes on to say that many of the staff departures are nothing more than the routine attrition from a very demanding job.

The harshest the piece gets is to say:

Sources familiar with the East Wing, who asked not to be named discussing internal dynamics, described the first lady’s office as a challenging workplace, where grueling hours and the expectations of a formidable boss intensify the demands of managing a popular first lady’s schedule, image and agenda.

“The first lady is a lovely woman, but she’s tough as nails, and that can be hard for some people,” said a source familiar with the office. “She has really high expectations.”

Not exactly scathing. But the First Lady was apparently not happy. White House Dossier quotes the facebook page of the Politico article:

For this relatively benign story, the first lady’s press office called me irresponsible, unprofessional, shoddy, a rumor-monger and a liar. Nice! They also demanded I identify my confidential sources — as a condition for their commenting on the record. Love the transparency!

That’s what the media “gets” for building up their emperor. You didn’t question him (or her) before 2008, so how DARE you start doing your job now. That such a mild – not even critical – piece on the First Lady would result in such a reaction is frightening.

The pattern of reporter bulling that is emerging now should concern democratic voters.

But it won’t.

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