Po Folks Can’t Live Off Of Minimum Wage

Ok, everyone put on your thinking caps and see what is wrong with the premise of this argument :

A new study says a single parent in Michigan with a preschooler and school-age child needs to earn more than three times the state’s minimum wage to be economically secure.

Wider Opportunities for Women and the Michigan League for Human Services released the report Tuesday.

The study says the wage-earner in that family of three needs to earn about $52,000 a year with benefits to cover child care, housing, health care, transportation, savings and retirement.

So. Let’s see. A single mother of two children cannot support the family (and save for retirement!) with an entry-level job at McDonalds. That about sums it up, right?

More here.

Michigan’s minimum wage is only a third of what a single parent with one child would need to have some economic security, a report released Tuesday by the Michigan League for Human Services has found.

According to the Basic Economic Security Tables, the state hourly minimum wage of $7.40 is nearly $5 less than what a childless adult would need to earn to be able to live comfortably.

Why should someone making minimum wage live comfortably? Oh, right. Socialism. Minimum wage is a starting point. It’s what pimply-faced kids make. It’s the wage you make while in college. It’s the starting point, and if you’re worth your salt, you’ll get a RAISE.

John Stossel on the minimum wage:

And yet a Pew survey says 83 percent of Americans support raising the minimum wage.

“People have the misguided notion that the minimum wage is an antipoverty tool.”

Economists understand the truth. A survey of the American Economic Association found that 90 percent of economists say the minimum wage increases unemployment.

The minimum wage is not designed to be a “living” wage. It is an inflated estimate of worth for the beginner employee, and results in fewer “new” employees.

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2 Comments on “Po Folks Can’t Live Off Of Minimum Wage”

  1. Steve B Says:

    Minimum wage is not a livable wage. It’s called “gas money.”

    I find it interesting that our new standard of the “average” worker is a single mother of two?

  2. Steve B Says:

    Um, what Stossel fails to mention in his paragraph about the 90 percent of economists is that the survey he cites is from 1978. A more current survey (2007) puts the number more at 73 percent of 280 labor economists.

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