FIAF – no bandwidth edition

I don’t know how we run out of bandwidth in six hours (most of which I was asleep) – but whatever. I’m out. That’s the deal. I don’t have it in me to call the stupid Hughesnet to figure it out.

So – James went home. I was afraid to make that call, but I did kinda sorta say it? Mega called it – dared to go out on the limb.

Mega Independent wins the internet today!

Now, let us turn our attention to that monstrosity that is occurring in South Carolina, where our technocratic administration has decided that it can tell businesses where they can and cannot put their plants.

The Obama administration’s National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint last month against Boeing to block production of the company’s 787 Dreamliner at a new assembly plant in South Carolina—a “right to-work” state with a law against compulsory union membership. If the NLRB has its way, Dreamliner assembly will return to Washington, a union-shop state, along with more than 1,000 jobs.

I’ve got two words for Obama’s NLRB- FUCK YOU.

Honestly. Who the hell are YOU to tell a company where it builds whatever it builds. Unions are wrecking our country, and now we have an administration that appears to be helping them with their efforts.

Workers now have so many rights and so much power that companies and stores are stuck with horrible employees they cannot fire. Schools have crappy teachers they must keep in the classroom. Automotive plants have extra line workers that sit and watch others work- doing nothing – just in case they’re needed to step in and assist or replace a light bulb.

Unions have turned into thugs on the street, protecting their sub-par performance everywhere.

Unions – protecting mediocrity everywhere.

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4 Comments on “FIAF – no bandwidth edition”

  1. Hotspur Says:

    Look what the unions did to Britain, a once mighty industrial nation, which now doesn’t produce shit.

    It’s happening here. Selfish mother bastards. I’m sick of them.

  2. One word – SHOCK-boot.

    Now, if only we could figure out which of the two parties gives unions virtually all of their power and prestige, then we as a country would have a proven way (ballot box) to decimate it once and for all. Come on – stop sitting on that fence and pick a side, unions!

  3. Yeah, that decision was applauded by the machinists union, which was shocked when after their last pointless strike, Boeing chose not to believe the propaganda about the inability to find a labor force with the right skills anywhere but the Puget Sound.

    I was thrilled to see the color drain from their faces at the announcement of the second 787 line in S.C.

    If GM played the same game with the UAW 30 years ago, they might not have needed to be bailed out by Uncle Sugar.

  4. Car in Says:

    The most egregious aspect of this is that it’s not as if ONE job has been lost in WA. They just decided to build elsewhere.

    Dorian Warren – Ass Prof of Poli Sci and Public affairs at Columbia:

    This outrage should instead be redirected at Boeing for explicitly and egregiously breaking the law. It is illegal to retaliate against employees exercising their rights to form a union or strike, and that is exactly what the company did.

    they didn’t do shit to the employees. They merely didn’t expand the union in WA.

    The complain issued was based on public comments from Boeing executives making clear their reasons for relocation; to avoid strikes by their employees.

    They didn’t “relocate.” They decided against building their new plant in WA. They didn’t close anything.

    Liberals sure are stupid.

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