Who goes home tonight?

I’m going out on a limb.

James deserves to go home based on last night. Yea. I said it.

Who will go? Haley’s first song was horrible. Lauren’s second song was cringe-worthy. Scotty’s second song was silly. But all three of them did WONDERFULLY on their “other” tune.

I’m guessing Lauren’s second tune did her in. Which is a shame, because her first was the best of the night. Smart money goes with Haley, who has been in the bottom two more often.

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3 Comments on “Who goes home tonight?”

  1. Kirby Says:

    James deserves… WRONG WRONG WRONG. It should be Lauren or Scotty to go home. AND I think Haley’s second song was THE song of the night.

  2. It’s totally unpredictable at this point, other than that Scotty is safe. If I had to throw money down, it would be on Lauren… or a James SHOCK-boot.

    You know, I can’t believe I know about this.

  3. Car in Says:

    We all have our guilty pleasures, Mega.

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