Obama Eastwood

So, Obama is now Clint Eastwood?

I know that Obama had better find a way to talk about jobs that connects with voters. And I know that events — such as the one that took place in Abbottabad, Pakistan — have the potential to change everything.

But I also know that Obama, practically overnight, has dispelled the fog of ambiguity with which his opponents have tried to cloak him — the vague suspicion that there was something effete, passive, not quite fully American about him.

He needs to “talk” about jobs? Erm. No. He’s been talking about jobs. There comes a time when talking simply isn’t enough for those who are unemployed or underemployed.

On “60 Minutes” Sunday, Obama’s usual caution with words seemed like disciplined reserve. His broad smile seemed fortified with steel. We like a bit of Clint Eastwood in our presidents. Come on, Republicans, make Obama’s day.

Here’s our man of steel:

Mr. Man of Steel is heading to El Paso, Texas, to talk immigration today. You know what else is in Texas? Austin. You know what that means.

He’ll first go to El Paso to talk immigration reform. I had been wondering why he was traveling to Texas for the immigration event. He can’t win Texas in 2012 and there are two other border states that will be close contests. But now I understand. He needed to empty some pockets in Austin, and it wouldn’t look too great if he was just headed to Texas for the money.

Just speculating, of course. Here’s the sched:

10:30 am || Departs the White House
12:40 pm MDT || Arrives El Paso, Texas
1:30 pm MDT || Delivers speech on immigration reform
2:40 pm MDT || Departs El Paso, Texas
5:00 pm CDT || Arrives Austin, Texas
5:50 pm CDT || Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser; Moody Theater
7:25 pm CDT || Delivers remarks at DNC fundraiser #2; private residence
9:15 pm CDT || Departs Austin
1:15 am || Arrives White House

Two, yes, TWO fundraisers today for our very own Clint Eastwood. I’m sure he’s going to talk about jobs at those fundraisers. Or, mostly, a “job” – his.

One last link: Is Obama a Serial Liar:

Obama and his administration are masters in getting Americans to think with their hearts instead of their brains. After all, emotions are easier to manipulate than facts. And many truths are easier to ignore than acknowledge. But not acknowledging reality, doesn’t change the reality. And we ignore reality at our own peril, as we are now finding out on a daily basis.

Though not specified in our Constitution, I believe Americans should have the right to enough information to make informed decisions. Instead, we are being fed a steady stream of outright lies and deliberate misstatements. And when we the people fail to challenge our elected representatives when they lie, we not only enable them, we become complicit. We also forfeit the right to complain when reality hits us in the pocketbook while America continues its slide to the level of a third world country.

What has he lied about? He lied about Obamacare not increasing the deficit “by one dime”, he lied about the burden of taxes on the wealthy, he lied when he said he was going to reduce the deficit, he lies every time he calls spending an “investment”, he lies when he says he is all for drilling in America (couched in terms of “safety”) … a list of his lies can be found here.

And, he’s going to continue to lie to get reelected.

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7 Comments on “Obama Eastwood”

  1. Jay in Ames Says:

    I love how the media has to puff him up as a tough guy. They spent the last 2 terms knocking the cowboy out of Bush. Someday we’ll find a happy medium.

  2. Car in Says:

    No we won’t J’ames 😉

  3. Jewstin Says:

    At this point I’m pretty sure he’s not actually leading anything. He doesn’t seem to be in charge of his cabinet and he certainly hasn’t managed to lead Congress in anything. Pelosi and Reid were more responsible for Obamacare than he was. His half-assed negotiations with the conservatives managed to turn it into something liberals aren’t even happy with.

    He’s a feckless twerp the liberals prop up in front of the camera because he reads the speeches real pretty.

    Useless. . .

  4. OceanCat Says:

    And the Republicans never lie. Boner promised congress would focus on jobs. And all they’ve focused on is abortion, for 5 months now. All abortion, all the time. No jobs in that.

  5. Car in Says:

    WTF are you talking about?

    Perhaps you should visit the http://www.house.gov to check and see what they’ve held hearings on.

    Lotsa stuff going on over there. Today they’re having a hearing on reversing Obama’s offshore drilling Moratorium.

  6. wiserbud Says:

    At this point I’m pretty sure he’s not actually leading anything. He doesn’t seem to be in charge of his cabinet and he certainly hasn’t managed to lead Congress in anything.

    heh heh heh. This is a guy who needed to hire a czar in order to communicate with his other czars…..

    That’s pure leadership right there, that is.

  7. wiserbud Says:

    And all they’ve focused on is abortion, for 5 months now.


    The stupid is strong with this one, it is……

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