Just another Manic Monday …

About those millionaires and billionaires who need to pay their fair share:

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Obama era has been the elevation of a $250,000 annual household income to an almost mythical status. The magic number was first introduced by Hillary Clinton in 2008, when she defined $250,000 as the upper bound of the middle class. That same year, Barack Obama pledged to cut taxes on all households earning less and to raise them, ever so slightly, on those earning more. Given that 49 out of 50 households earned less than $250,000 that year, there is no question that the cutoff number chosen was politically shrewd. As the Democratic nominee promised a panoply of new social programs, ranging from a health-care entitlement to an expensive effort to foster a green economy, he also made it clear that only one out of 50 households would pay for all that new spending and for reducing the deficits that had widened during the Bush years.

That’s good politics right there. You’ve got 49 to 1 on your side.

As Matthew Yglesias of the left-leaning Center for American Progress has argued, Obama’s strategy on taxes has a serious downside for the progressive cause. “A platform of no tax increases for the bottom 95 percent can win elections, but it reinforces rather than debunks the right’s fundamental view of the tax question — that public services aren’t worth paying for — and merely suggests that the correct answer is to get someone else to pay for them.” Rather than persuade voters to embrace a grand bargain of higher taxes for more public services, the Obama campaign promised a more appealing bargain of more public services at no cost.

Just like Obama’s health care plan – free care for everyone, and make “the rich” pay. Side note -our health insurance went up another $90 last month. That brings it to a total of around $300 a month increase since Obamacare passed. I’m neither a millionaire or a billionaire, and make well under (WELL!) that $250,000 limit.

Worst. Public policy. Ever.


Must read from over the weekend. H/t Jeff G.

Could it be that the Democrat Fabian Socialist principles of wealth redistribution, limitless welfare, open borders, “Great Society”, universal health care, and dozens of other failed entitlement programs are bankrupting this Republic?

Why, yes it could. Go read the whole thing.

So, will Obama be spiking the Osama football during his reelection tour? He doesn’t have much else to run on ….

The economy is still sputtering all these years later, his trillion dollar Porkulus was a failure, jobs are still tepid, home values are dropping, consumer prices are going up, consumer confidence is down, ObamaCare is still polling very low, and people aren’t real concerned with painting bridges and getting new choo-choo’s.


Sunday report from White House Dossier. What did Obama do for Mother’s Day? Are you seriously even wondering?

President Obama is playing his usual course at Andrews Air Force Base with two of his usual foursome – White House aide Marvin Nicholson and Energy Department official David Katz – as well as guest golfer Ray LaHood, the secretary of transportation.

This is, BTW, the sixth weekend in a row Obama has played, the ninth time this year, and the 67th time Obama has been golfing as president


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