Religion of Pieces Can’t Handle the Truth

Of course we shouldn’t release those Bin Laden photos. We might inflame the moslem world. {cough}Abu Ghraib{cough} Remember how concerned we were about inflaming the moslem world back then? Heh :

Evidently, the SEAL team “assaulters” didn’t have the good sense to attach fake electrodes to dead Osama’s genitals, or put a dog collar around his putrid neck. Because were that the case, no force on earth could keep the photos from being splashed all over the internet.

There will be no spiking the football on this one. Oh, except when Obama goes to Ground Zero today. But that’s to be a “cathartic” moment.

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12 Comments on “Religion of Pieces Can’t Handle the Truth”

  1. OceanCat Says:

    You must be eaten up with jealousy. Obama got him. Bush didn’t.

  2. Hotspur Says:

    No, OC, unlike democrats, we don’t root for terrorists, or root against our president.

    Question: How do you feel about those EITs now?

  3. Car in Says:

    Why would I be jealous? Do you somehow think Obama did it all by himself?

  4. Car in Says:

    474,000 OC. New Jobless.

    But you keep cheering for your Warrior Obama.

  5. You must be eaten up with jealousy. Obama got him. Bush didn’t.

    Yup. Single-handedly and all by himself. Well, except for flying the helicopter. Even being smarterer than Spock, he couldn’t manage to get the intel, do the surveilence, plan the op, do all the mission prep, and fly the helicopter at the same time.

    The only thing that’s killing me is his ability to worry that releasing a photo will make crazy dangerous people somehow more crazy dangerous, and at the same time waive the bloody shirt on the campaign trail. It takes a great deal of skill assistance from a complicit media to get away with that. Especially when inflaming people that OBL wasn’t a leader of before was never a concern with prior photographs.

  6. agiledog Says:

    Obama got him. Bush didn’t.

    Really? Where’s the photographic proof? 🙂 /sarc

  7. agiledog Says:

    And the point of sending in a SEAL team was to make sure we got him, and to have proof. But we can’t have the proof now, because it might make others mad? Like they aren’t mad already that we off’d their hero?

  8. Steve B Says:

    It cracks me up that Pres. Milquetoast is suddenly Dirty Harry. To hear it told, you’d think he pulled the trigger himself.

    Hizhonor, King of the Bow, the apology, and the Capitulation, is suddenly Teh MAN because he authorizes the exact same kind of targeted kill that the Progs spent eight years under Pres. Bush labeling as a “war crime?”

    He unilaterally sent the US military to attack a sovereign nation with Congressional approval, against a nation which posed no direct or imminent threat to our nation or national interests. THAT, ladies and gents, COULD be considered a war crime. It’s at the very least illegal under US law.

    Then he sends US troops into an allied country with their knowledge, conducts an assassination, and then takes credit for it, and we’re suddenly supposed to be in awe of his edgy, throbbing manliness?

    Yeah, don’t think so.

  9. Steve B Says:

    Ooops. That, obviously, should be “without their knowledge.”

  10. agiledog Says:

    And should also be “without Congressional approval”, which is why it was illegal.

    Just remember, it’s not racism/wrong/illegal/hypocritical when the Left does it.

  11. “his edgy, throbbing manliness?”

    Dick Cheney made him his bitch?

  12. Steve B Says:

    Yeah, that hole proofreeding thing kicks my but every thyme.

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