You don’t say …

High gas prices could reduce confidence in our future economic growth.

“This gas issue is serious,” Obama told the Reno audience.
“It hurts because you know every time you go to work a big chunk of your paycheck is being eaten up. And you might already be having trouble making ends meet at the end of the month… We’re going to make sure that nobody is taking advantage of American consumers for their own short-term gain.”

Yea? And THEN what? They’re going to “invest” in wind, solar, and green energy. Fat lot of god that’s going to do for you as the gas staion.

Obama warned us that energy prices would ‘necessarily skyrocket.” You know, so we would clammer for those efficient energy technologies the government is investing in.

Obama’s plan is supported by the new-energy industry and the environmentalist movement. These groups stand to lose if oil prices go back down, because that would reduce consumers’ interest in electric cars and low-pollution technologies.

The game is rigged against us. But Eric Holder is going to be monitoring for illegal price gouging.

“The Justice Department and every agency might want to check with the Secretary of the Interior who is restricting oil supplies deliberately” at the request of the environmentalist lobby, Kish responded. “They might want to check the Federal Reserve to ask [Fed chairman Ben] Bernanke why he is dropping the price of the dollar and pushing the price of oil up through the roof,” he said.

Fraud and gouging is not a factor in those $4 gallons of gas. The obstacles the administration has put on drilling IS a factor.


Must read here.

No, the main culprit here isn’t the nameless, faceless “speculators” that are now the object of the President’s scorn, but government policy itself, both with the Federal Reserve (monetary) and the budget deficits accrued in recent years (fiscal). What is going on is that the government is trying to deflect blame to these nameless, faceless speculators for their own disastrous fiscal and monetary policies.

Feel the need to do something? Disrupt the Narrative has a great idea.

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5 Comments on “You don’t say …”

  1. It sure is strange that we have a pResident who is supposedly smarterer than Spock, and yet the cause of higher gas prices is a mystery to him. Especially when he wanted highter gas prices. How very strange.

  2. Car in Says:

    It’s those dang speculators. They’re speculating that Obama isn’t gonna do shit…

  3. Svenster Says:

    I’m getting a job building windmill powered cars!

  4. Car in Says:

    That is awesome Svenster. Best. Idea. Ever.

  5. Sean M. Says:

    My car runs on pure bullshit and emits rainbows.


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