Taxing The RICH

When 45% of the population pays no federal income taxes, we’ve got a fracking problem. David Harsanyi:

There are many arguments against progressive taxation economically, but it is also true that it erodes the health of our democratic institutions. Rather than shared responsibility, we have a growing number of people who rely on others to pay for their votes as they become increasingly disconnected from the cost of government.

And, by “disconnected, Harsanyi means they want you to pay for more. Green Energy! School lunches! Head Start! Cuts?!!! No you CAN’T CUT THAT PROGRAM! Women, children, and seniors WILL DIE. We can afford it, and buy “we” I actually mean they can afford it.

If, as the enlightened voices on the left contend, the American people deeply love their federal services, their dependency programs, their regulations, their industrious public education department, let’s all pay. Why shouldn’t we take on a proportionally fair share in the joy?

If roads and head start and block grants and NPR funding is so very important, shouldn’t everyone have to pay a little bit?

Even if it is merely symbolic?

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