This is how it’s done

In your next debate with a liberal regarding fairness and balance and paying your fair share … Squid, over in comments at Protein Wisdom:

“How many hours a week am I obligated to work for your family? How many hours for your parents’ nursing home? How many hours for your kids’ college? How many hours for your doctor’s visits? When I roll out of bed on Monday morning, it’s with the knowledge that I won’t earn a goddamn penny for my work all day. Do you know how that feels? You want to extend that to Tuesday, as well? Wednesday? How ’bout I support you all week long, and then I can pick up a second job on nights and weekends for under-the-table money that I’m actually allowed to use for food and mortgage payments for myself? How much is enough? Name a figure — how many hours? How many dollars?”

*wipes tears from eyes.

That was a thing of beauty.

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5 Comments on “This is how it’s done”

  1. Squid Says:

    It’s weird — I’m not proud of my outburst, and yet I’m very, very proud of my outburst.

    The important thing is that our neighbors don’t often understand that they’re advocating for our enslavement, and when the truth of the matter is presented to them, they get very small, very quickly. I hope that more people will confront their peers with the truth, and show them where these policies inevitably lead. They may want to maintain their cool a little better than I did, though.

  2. Car in Says:

    This illustrates EXACTLY what it is they want from us. That’s why I love it.

  3. I dunno. I’ve been pointing out to them for years that they are advocating our enslavement. Their response is generally that government owes them this or that, and the Constitution was written by a buch of rich old white dudes who couldn’t possibly understand what changes time would bring to the country.

  4. Sean M. Says:

    I hate to make a politically incorrect comment, but the rich old white dudes TOTALLY UNDERSTOOD enslavement.

  5. Yes… they really did i have to agree with you.
    but we have to ask ourselfs..what can we do about it this days??

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