The crazies

I’ve been reading here and there the lefty arguments regarding the budget empasse, and mostly it’s unhinged. But, this takes the cake:

They say they are trying to cut deficits. They are doing something else entirely. Remember, they created the deficits, on purpose, so they could use them now to get what they want.

Republicans caved (and contributed) to the social spending, so in the end they could get what they want. Which, of course, is to starve children and elderly.

Now, with their “strategic deficits” ruining us, corporate conservatives have whipped the public into a deficit-fear hysteria. They are using that hysteria to push through dramatic changes to our country that have nothing whatsoever to do with deficits, and even in many cases make the deficits worse. It isn’t about deficits.

Strategic deficits. Amazing how we got Obama and Nancy to go along with the plan so well that they tripled the deficit. For us.

In Washington they are using a supposed deficit fight to defund the EPA and Planned Parenthood and public broadcasting and so many other things that We, the People (government) do for each other. They are proposing to abolish Medicare! They want to privatize or at least cripple Social Security. They are gutting Medicaid, Food Stamps and regulatory enforcement. They say it is to cut the deficit. It isn’t about deficits. They created the deficits to get them to this point.

The “strategic deficit” plan, if I read them correctly, is that we funded this, that, and the other thing only so we could take them away? It’s …. GENIUS.

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3 Comments on “The crazies”

  1. I guess George Bush was soooooooo much smarterer than they gave him credit for before, right?

  2. Republicans want to cripple Social Security. They also want to outlaw unicorn horns.

  3. Car in Says:

    Social Security is crippling itself.

    Republicans want to save the ship before SS brings us all down.

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