Obama, the man with all the answers

He feels your pain, and realizes that gas is putting a crimp in all our pocketbooks. Never fear. He’s got the answer.

He advised people to trade in an 8-miles-per-gallon beater for a fuel-efficient car built by an American company.

You cash strapped folks all need to go buy a new car.


Or, you could sell your house, and move closer to where you work.

Oops. That might not work either.

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5 Comments on “Obama, the man with all the answers”

  1. MJ Says:

    Oh, I get it. The economy is roaring back, demand is increasing for oil, so gas prices are going up. In other words, high gas prices are GOOD, and we should thank Obama for them.

    And here I thought it had something to do with long term domestic policy and the ME. Silly me.

  2. MJ Says:

    Ok, so I just watched the whole thing. He’s screwed if he’s this condescending and this shallow in his knowledge of the economy/energy during the campaign.

    He sounds like a total douche rocket.

  3. That is insulting to douche rockets everywhere.

  4. wiserbud Says:

    Guaranteed that guy that Obama just talked down to will still vote for him.

    There is almost nothing Obama can do that will cost him a vote from a leftard.

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