Obama 2012

Well, the election season is apparently upon us, since ‘bama’s kicked off his reelection campaign.

So, the question is How does he run against Bush this time?

Team Obama knows it will not be able to honestly campaign on the President’s record of accomplishments. There is a risk in basing their campaign solely on blaming everything on President Bush and the mantra that things would have been worse if they had not pursued their policy agendas. After all Barack Obama will have been in office for four years by Election Day 2012.

I don’t think the honesty of their argument has ever been a factor. They certainly will run against Bush. He got things so bad that’s it’s taking fricken forever to right the ship. Obama is, of course, going to rerun his 2008 election strategy.

Johah Goldberg on Obama’s reelection strategy:

[H]is whole reelection strategy requires going on semi-hiatus from the presidency. That’s why he’s been AWOL on the budget battles. It’s why he’s completely ignored his own deficit commission, and it’s why he’s been saying as little as possible on foreign policy. It’s also why, last week, he accepted an award for government “transparency” in secret.

President Present. Hey, it got him elected the first time. Do nothing, but talk a good game on at the campaign/fund-raising events.

And, I know all you folks are hurting, but you don’t want to see him lose his job. SHOW BARACK THE MONEY.

While President Barack Obama’s campaign hierarchy is settling into new Chicago headquarters, his elite fundraisers already are feverishly working to meet a target of generating a roughly $300 million down payment for the reelection effort.

“It’s going to be 2008 2.0,” said one Obama fundraiser, who’d just finished making a telephone pitch to a potential donor. “We’re going to have to work our asses off.”

$300 million, with a goal of 1 billion. Thus, the early start. He need to announce before he can fund-raise.

The case they’ve made for starting this early is a good one. There are a lot of things to put together,” said Peter Buttenweisser, a Philadelphia-based fundraiser.

The Obama campaign’s race for cash will make its public debut in the next three weeks, as the president headlines three Chicago events next week, two more in California the following week, and closes the month at a fundraiser on March 27th in New York.

Initial plans for the Los Angeles stop are for a relatively small dinner attended by Obama and about 50 or 60 donors. However, the campaign is now considering adding another event to accommodate those interested in attending.

Boy, the president sounds like he’s going to be awfully busy. I hope he finds time to hit the golf course.

Reading Huffpo so you don’t have to, I find out why useful idiots Harvard law student Daniel Cluchey is supporting Obama in 2012. Back in the 2008 race, you can see he was in full Obama Zombie mode:

We were certain that we were willing ourselves a savior, even if we weren’t supposed to use the word. We let our hopes for a better nation, long penned in by well-warranted cynicism, out into the sunshine; we gave them a face and a name. Obama came to stand for progress, for peace, for a kinder and better nation, for everything we always wanted but never believed we could get in an age of craven politicians and demented morality.

While for some, the reality of the Obama administration has failed to live up to the hope and change, not for our friend here. Those that believed Obama could transform America into a progressive paradise within two years simply weren’t being realistic. These things take time.

And then there are those horrible republicans:

The Republican Party has locked itself in the bathroom of ignorance and rage, of callous indifference to the real problems facing our country. In time, history will rightly remember the conservatives of this political moment just as mournfully as we remember those conservatives who fought so senselessly against racial integration, women’s suffrage, Social Security, Medicare, the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act, the Clean Air and Water Acts, and so many other pillars of our nation’s progress.

The bathroom of ignorance and rage? Where is that bathroom?

For now, though, we require a president who can keep above the fray, who responds to his opponents’ total abandonment of good faith by patiently maintaining his own.

He keeps above the fray by golfing and having parties at the White House.

We need an adult, and there’s only one left in the room. That’s why I’ll be supporting President Obama in 2012.

See, this is why kids shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Obama is barely present in Washington.


HA HA HA … reading comments:

liberalsrnaive 7 hours ago (12:58 AM)
4 Fans

Your Obama throws our true allies under the bus, supports revolution­s in the middle east where the victors will be the Islamic fanatics and we will have many Iran’s. He is a real danger to the the free world, he is naive and just plain indecisive and inmature. What has happened to our universiti­es?
You are brainwashe­d by your liberal professors­. THINK!
Daniel Cluchey 6 hours ago (1:22 AM)

My liberal professors said you would say that.

Ba haa haa .. Good comeback, Daniel.

I’ve got an idea. How ’bout you think for yourself?

And, just a little tidbit. The guy is attending HARVARD law and going into public service. I wonder what the ROI is gonna be on that.

Daniel, I hate to tell you this, but one of my goals in life is to insure that no one going into PUBLIC service makes enough money to make Harvard Law the school of choice. Harvard Law school tuition 2010/2011 – $45,450. Estimated living expenses: $24,650.

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3 Comments on “Obama 2012”

  1. Jay in Ames Says:

    I love how progressives are the champion of the minority, but they aren’t the ones who gave them equality. That’s the conservatives who did that, but they have to keep trying to muddy the water on that one.

    Progressives like class warfare. It’s their bread and butter, cuz you can’t play the victim game without victims.

  2. Car in Says:

    So much of what they “know” isn’t so, J’ames.

  3. It’s actuaslly more bizarre than that.

    They have effectively transformed victimhood in to a sword, as well as a shield, depending on their needs wants at the time.

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