The Department of Education just rolled out a request for $64 million dollars for their “College Completion Tool Kit” What the heck is it, and why are we supposed to spend $64 million on it? It’s Obama’s plan to get more kids to go, and complete, college.

But what is it really? Payoff to folks in the field of higher education. More jobs for them. Further growth. Just what they need.

On the solution side of the ledger, our educational system has no shortage of bureaucrats at local and state levels. It’s a safe bet that solutions proposed in this new program will not be innovative in the slightest and will simply pump more money into the mid-level education bureaucracies that have exploded in the last decades, funding more federal grant writers and federal administrators to supervise state administrators who supervise university administrators. Pursuing a college education is a decision made by millions of individuals, who must weigh the earnings sacrificed and debt incurred against other options. Why does the federal government have to insert itself in these decisions?

College is too expensive, and for many the payoff is marginal. Not “everyone” needs to go to college.

Oh, BTW, we’re fracked.

Thus far in March, as itemized in the Daily Treasury Statement released today, the federal government has spent $927.3 billion while taking in $184.2 billion in revenue.

And we’ve got folks arguing over $61 billion in cuts, covering half a year of spending?

We can’t POSSIBLY cut spending. Behold the genius of Bob Cesca (no link, Huffpo, because Hotspur will yell):

While deficit reduction will eventually be a solid idea to tackle when economic growth is steady and unemployment is back down to six or seven percent, until then it should never be addressed during a slow-growth, jobless recovery months after a major recession. Why? When families are tightening their collective belts, as the short-sited metaphor goes, the government is in a unique position to spend money in order to make up the difference.

It’s all too depressing … moving on.

Pay cuts for some teachers in Michigan.

Now, as you read the following quote from the story, keep this figure in mind: teacher pay and benefits account for 70% of the budget, and they’re facing a $2.9 million deficit.

“The district wants to finance their mismanagement of money off the backs of teachers,” Pilarski said.

Some would say that the financial mismanagement was rooted in the teacher benefit and pay.

Some would say that. Me.

And now for a video. Foo Fighters- new album coming out April 12. Can’t wait.

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3 Comments on “FIAF”

  1. Hotspur Says:

    While deficit reduction will eventually be a solid idea to tackle when economic growth is steady and unemployment is back down to six or seven percent,

    Look, asshole, it’s never going to get back down there. The spending that you are so enamored of is killing jobs. KILLING JOBS.

    And as to the growing college bureaucracies – just another way to hand out jobs to minorities who don’t really do anything to earn that paycheck with those awesome fringe benefits.

  2. I’ve decided that we’re all fucked.

    The dependent class is going to pull us down like the cement shoes of a mob snitch.

    The key is going to be fighting over the mad Obama cash on the way down.

    *puts hands out, palms up*

    C’mon Daddy! You OWE me!

  3. Car in Says:

    I fear we’re fucked. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up.

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