I don’t see Obama driving around in an electric car.

The nation’s dependence on imported oil was the theme of President Barack Obama’s energy speech at Georgetown University March 30.

Obama spelled out three ways to increase energy independence in the transportation sector: by using vehicles fueled by natural gas, biofuels or more efficient traditional engines.

However Obama said electric vehicles would be the best fix. Obama set a goal of deploying one million electric vehicles by 2015. During his presidency, the Department of Energy has created incentives for American companies to develop the vehicles as well as for Americans who buy them.

There are two was to create “incentives” for Americans to buy electric cars. One is to make gas prohibitively expense (check) and the second it to give people MONEY to buy one.

Furthermore, the president called for the federal government to “lead by example,” adding that he has directed the every vehicle used by the government to be upgraded to alternative fuel, hybrid or electric systems by 2015.

The factor keeping electric vehicles from truly taking off, he said, is the size, weight and efficiency of the batteries themselves. Obama said his administration has invested about $2 billion in grants for companies to develop better batteries and kick-start the American electric vehicle industry.

A – I don’t see Obama driving a hybrid or electric vehicle. Even Carter wore sweaters and sent his daughter to public schools. The man may have been a putz, but he walked the walk.

B – government SUCKS at investing.

If you buy an electric car, you are a sucker. Debby Stabenow wants to assist those suckers with (our) cash.

Senator Debbie Stabenow will introduce legislation today to spur the sale and production of advanced technology vehicles and create thousands of Michigan jobs. Sen. Stabenow’s Charging America Forward Act will provide consumers with a rebate worth up to $7500 for plug-in electric vehicles at the time of purchase and give businesses a tax credit for purchasing medium or heavy duty plug-in hybrid trucks. The bill also extends a public-private partnership she helped create to increase the production of advanced battery technologies in Americ

Go to the website and see all the accolades heaped on Stabenow for supporting legislation that will enrich every one of them financially.

Supporters of Senator Stabenow’s Charging America Forward Act Include (short descriptions of those for which the connection isn’t obvious):

* General Motors – makers of the “all” electric Volt
* Johnson Controls – given $148.5 million in state tax breaks to “produce” (read, assemble) the lithium-ion batteries for electric cars.
* Edison Electric Institute – an association of electric companies … which will benefit when we’re plugging in to power our cars
* Calstart – lobbying group for clean energy
* Eaton Corp – automotive aftermarket supplier, among other things, including components for turbine.
* MEMA (Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association)
* Battery Electric Vehicle Coalition
* Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA)
* Hybrid Truck User Forum (HTUF)
* Azure Dynamics – electric and hybrid technology
* A123 Systems – develops and manufactures lithium-ion battery packs
* Arvin Meritor- manufactures automobile components, including Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)

Automakers are also getting behind the Senator’s bill. General Motors Spokesman Greg Martin says, “We are pleased to see Senator Stabenow’s legislation that integrates all of the components necessary for successful acceleration of electric vehicles in the marketplace. We look forward to working with Congress on legislation that leads to widespread adoption of electric vehicles.”

You know what would successfully accelerate electric vehicles in the marketplace? If they created one that MADE FINANCIAL SENSE. Instead, they’ve created an overpriced, inefficient car and have decided that the rest of us need to pay for this folly/propaganda vehicle.

Chevy Volt $42,000. Gets 25 miles on an electric charge running a heater or an AC. Afterwards, gets under 30 mpg.

Honda Insight – $18,200. Ours is getting over 50 mpg so far. Twice the mileage, half the price.

That 25 miles on a charge for the Volt is less than one gallon of gas in my insight. It’s HALF a gallon of gas. Total savings for the first 25 miles in that volt? $2. Afterwards? Assume the Volt and the Insight both travel 100 miles.

The volt goes 25 miles with it’s (overnight) charge, then get’s 30 mpg for the remaining 75 miles. $9 in gas, plus whatever the overnight charge cost.

Insight goes 50 miles mpg for 100 miles, two gallons of gas, total cost $8. Plus, the car costs less than HALF.

But, looking back at what I’ve written, I would have to say that it is all of us who are the suckers. We are paying for the folly of the government. Back to Obama’s speech from yesterday:

“These investments that will save consumers and business owners tens of billions of dollars a year, free up money for investment and hiring, and create jobs for workers and contractors,” he said.

Addressing the political landscape, Obama said that as president he would not accept cuts to energy research and development programs.

“At a moment like this, sacrificing these investments would weaken our energy security and make us more dependent on oil, not less,” he said. “I will not accept that outcome for the United States of America.”

So far, the government has very little to show for it’s investments. The Volt is a dog. Ethenol is a boondoogle. If car companies can make – on their own – attractive fuel efficient cars that aren’t out of reach for most Americans, people will buy them.

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One Comment on “Suckers”

  1. Ethanol isn’t just a boondogle, its a travesty.

    Only the heir to the kingdom of idiots believes that it is a good idea to use food for fuel.

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