FIAF – Spring Break Edition

Libya’s imploding, our economy is in the tank, there is no leadership on the budget in Washington, and Japan is in the midst of a crises that we can barely fathom.

And Obama’s taking a little vay-cay with the fam.

UN agrees to take action, but it may be too late:

As some civilians and rebel supporters fearing Col. Gadhafi’s retribution prepared to escape across the border to Egypt, the black-market exchange rate for the Libyan dinar in rebel-held areas plummeted to as low as 1.80 against the dollar, compared with 1.25 two weeks earlier and some 1.50 last week.

In the port of Tobruq near the Egyptian border, the influx of refugees from Ajdabiya stopped on Thursday, as Col. Gadhafi’s forces appeared to have shut down the only exit route from the city. Four journalists for the New York Times, last in contact with their editors from Ajdabiya Tuesday, remained missing.

Yesterday (I was a bit busy, what with my husband being hit by another driver, rolling his car) – Daniel Henninger describes the blueprint if the Obama approach- “Internationalism” – to foreign policy:

Their blueprint, a tour of the world’s regions, counsels constant multilateral cooperation, institution-building and consultation. While it admits U.S. preeminence, it is largely a meditation on the limits of American power and authority. This is the document’s final, summarizing sentence: “And such [U.S.] leadership recognizes that in a world in which power has diffused, our interests are best protected and advanced when others step up and at times lead alongside or even ahead of us.”

In the Middle East, no one has stepped up, no one is leading alongside and our allies are in the rear, accomplishing nothing while they wait for . . . America.

Libya was the test case. It is a total failure.

After Mr. Obama met with his national security team Tuesday, with Gadhafi one demolished town from Benghazi, the White House said, “The President instructed his team to continue to fully engage in the discussions at the United Nations, NATO and with partners and organizations in the region.” Barack Obama is following their blueprint to a tee.

Obama holds meetings, Gadhafi mows down rebels. While the “International intellectual” community fiddles.

And then there’s Japan. Remember, there was a tsunami? Which is worse, living next to a nuclear reactor or next to the Ocean?

So far, the death toll says “Ocean.”

A lot of wrong lessons are being pushed on us, about the tragedy now unfolding in Japan. All the scare-talk about radiation is irrelevant. There will be no radiation public health catastrophe, regardless of how much reactor melting may occur. Radiation? Yes. Catastrophe? No.

Life evolved on, and adapted to, a much more radioactive planet, Our current natural radiation levels—worldwide—are below optimum. Statements that there is no safe level of radiation are an affront to science and to common sense. The radiation situation should be no worse than from the Three Mile Island (TMI) incident, where ten to twenty tons of the nuclear reactor melted down, slumped to the bottom of the reactor vessel, and initiated the dreaded China Syndrome, where the reactor core melts and burns its way into the earth. On the computers and movie screens of people who make a living “predicting” disasters, TMI is an unprecedented catastrophe. In the real world, the molten mass froze when it hit the colder reactor vessel, and stopped its downward journey at five-eights of an inch through the five-inch thick vessel wall.

And there was no harm to people or the environment. None.

So, why is Obama going to Latin American now? It’s all about creating jobs here in the U.S.

I think the only job he’s concerned about is his, and his support among Hispanic voters.

So this trip fundamentally is about the U.S. recovery, U.S. exports, and the critical relationship that Latin America plays in our economic future,” Froman says.

There will be no new treaties signed, no dramatic summit meetings, no big diplomatic breakthroughs — the kinds of achievements that often punctuate presidential trips abroad.

Plus, the first children have the week off from school.

So while Britain and France prepare to enforce a no-fly zone, Obama is pondering what the U.S. position will actually be, while he packs his bathing suit for a trip to the beach in Rio.

The U.S. also would take part, but the U.S. role was still being decided by President Barack Obama, according to a U.S. official who asked not to be further identified in order to talk about the issue.

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Obama winning.

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13 Comments on “FIAF – Spring Break Edition”

  1. Barack Obama Says:

    Let me be perfectly clear,
    Q…G..Kaddifi must go.
    Now I am going golfing, then on to vacation!

  2. Barack Obama Says:

    Let me be perfectly clear,
    I vote present.

  3. Barack Obama Says:

    Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya?
    Sounds kind of good to me.

  4. Barack Obama Says:

    The 3rd largest economy in the world, one of America’s largest trading partners, suffers one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded, floods of biblical proportions, volcanoes erupting, entire city’s wiped off the map.

    Let me eat my waffle!

  5. Vmaximus Says:

    Leadership, it’s whats for dinner.

  6. Hotspur Says:

    Bartleby Obama

  7. Car in Says:

    Ha ha ha …

  8. Car in Says:

    Chauncy Obama

  9. Barack Obama Says:

    Mr President, oil is $100 a barrel!

    Where is my fiddle?

  10. Barack Obama Says:

    Mr President,
    The Middle East is on fire with people …yearning to be free!

    Um…what do you want me to do about it? That is a job of the UN.

    Let me eat my waffle!

  11. Barack Obama Says:

    I want to see boobies!
    Where is Carnival?

    I will launch Cruise Missiles! Where is the 6th fleet? I want boobies!!!

    Michelle’s are boring. I want New Beewbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!

  12. Svenster Says:

    Ipanema Beach, Brazil… President WTF launches Operation Odessey Dawn, “We can’t stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people that there will be no mercy. And let me be perfectly clear, by “we” I mean you.”

  13. Barack Obama Says:

    Let’s see…The United States Department of Defense….Will defend Libya!
    Yea that’s the ticket!

    Libya is the 57th state!

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