Wisconsin, then Michigan …


On Wednesday night, Republican senators convened on short notice and removed appropriations items from the bill to allow a vote on the remaining issues—including curbs on the collective-bargaining rights of public-employee unions. The vote to pass the amended bill was 18-1, with no Democratic senators present.

That’s what democracy looks like, bitches.

Michael Moore is NOT happy

Michael Moore is enraged after the Wisconsin State Senate voted to strip public unions of the ability to collectively bargain. Speaking on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” Moore said “they think they can get away with this.”

Moore also calls for a “student walk-out” across the nation on Friday in response to the Wisconsin vote.

“This has to continue day after day and these governors have to step down,” Moore declared.

“The rich have committed these crimes and the people will demand your ass is in jail,” Michael Moore said with a pair of handcuffs on the set of Maddow’s show.

Moore also shocked the audience by telling the rich and bankers that “we have a right to your money!”

Say what? The crimes committed in Wisconsin are … what? Moore calls the action class war, and is calling for massive protests and student walkouts on Friday – of even high school kids. You’ve got to watch the video at the link, because he is a communist of a first class order. And, like every good commie, he lies to support his message.

For example, he brings up a dealo in Michigan. Rachal Madcow was going about it the other day. This little lie has been making it’s way across the leftsphere. In the hype, Big Business will take over our towns, and strip away democracy. City officials fired. City dissolved. Union busting. Frank Beckman played Maddcow’s monologue on this issue, and then wiped the floor with her. Link goes to his podcast.

It’s very entertaining. Go listen.

Maddow says the law is like one from a “dystopian leftist novel from the future.” More leftist hysteria here:

Remember how Obama was being lambasted for using ‘czars’? Even though they had no power? And were just glorified advisors that took his positions in meetings and would report back with status updates and their own views? Remember that? And the outrage from Republicans? There’s no way any Senate Republicans from Michigan voted for this measure. No way. That would be hypocritical beyond hysterics.

Yea, that’s exactly the same.

For one, we already have a similar law on the books:

The current state law related to emergency financial managers is affecting about a half-dozen local communities and schools at this time. Only Pontiac, Benton Harbor, Ecorse and the Detroit Public Schools have state-appointed emergency financial managers in place.

Pontiac was taken over while Granholm was governor. Same with DPS.

Next, what rights does a city have when they’ve run out of money and are coming to the state with their hands out? Why should they be bailed-out, only to continue the reckless financial behavior that got them into the mess in the first place?

Amid all this leftist crazy, Jeff G nails it. Read the whole thing. This is what “Winning the Future” looks like:

I mean, this is what we’ve come to as a nation: form over substance as a fucking installation art form. The pollutant of “progressive” thinking has here culminated in a surreal civic moment, one in which the idealized cultural sexiness of the 60s, and a desire to re-live it, has given us the spectacle of university students chanting in favor of bigger government, less choice, fewer freedoms, and a total subsuming of the individual into an dictatorial, top-down collective. Like a hive of buzzing drones, these people are now actively swarming in hopes of bringing on the deconstruction of their country’s founding ideals by way of agitating for a neutered collective ruled by a top-down union leadership structure, one that splits the profits with the Democrat party while the private sector taxpayer gets higher property taxes to go with the dwindling opportunity available outside the government ranks

That, and worse, is what Moore is rooting for- the “rich” have no right to their money. Go read Jeff’s entire post.

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12 Comments on “Wisconsin, then Michigan …”

  1. Hotspur Says:

    This is not a link to HuffPoop:


  2. Car In Says:

    I love Michelle Rhee.

  3. wiserbud Says:

    Excellent post, Car In.

    BTW, where did OC put her answers to the questions I asked her last month?

    It’s been a while since I asked them and I’m sure she has replied with an extremely well-thought out and persuasive response by now.

    So if you could just point me to the thread where she placed it, I would greatly appreciate it.


  4. Car In Says:

    I can only assume she’s doing a thesis on it.

  5. Car In Says:

    And, knowing some grad students … that can take years.

    Especially when there are protests and shit to attend.

  6. Hotspur Says:

    Just because you’re slacking today is no reason to deny me my daily dose.

  7. Car In Says:

    I know, I suck.

  8. For one, we already have a similar law on the books:

    Exactly, as I wrote in my post on it that I linked for my cousin and an old friend who were both in full freakout mode on FB yesterday.

    In fact, the changes to the current law boil down to making it easier for the state to intervene sooner, sparing all the taxpayers from having to make up larger deficits under the old timing rules, and the ability to permanently, rather than temporarily modify existing contracts. Why do it? To save taxpayers statewide from having to bail out financial money pits like Benton Harbor, Hazel Park, and Flint year after year after year after year. If any thing, these are extraordinarily responsible steps that the legislature and the governor are taking.

  9. Carin Says:

    The incident is more a display of how stupid Rachel Rhode-Scholar Maddow is. She mentioned it on her show AGAIN last night.

    That lady is a brick.

  10. Naaaahhh. She’s a propagandist, and telling the “Yes We Can!!!” crowd that Michigan has had an almost identical law in place since 1990, and used it, takes an edge the size of Rhode Island off the OUTRAGE!!!111!!!!, or at least makes them look really freaking stupid if they cling to it.

  11. Car In Says:

    Naaaahhh. She’s a propagandist, and telling the “Yes We Can!!!” crowd that Michigan has had an almost identical law in place since 1990, and used it, takes an edge the size of Rhode Island off the OUTRAGE!!!111!!!!, or at least makes them look really freaking stupid if they cling to it.

    fixt. She’s not worth further expounding.

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