The Democrats Stealth Budget Plan

The democrats do have a plan for closing the fiscal gap, they just don’t want to tell us about it. Obama’s budget, released last month, was from bizarre-o-world. After years of bashing conservatives, and telling us to get in the back seat, and grab a mop, yada yada yada, Obama was going to have us live within our means. No eating out (except for Obama) and no vacation (again, except for Obama). We’d all have to cut back (except for Obama, who -for example – flies a trainer in from Chicago each week for his workouts).

Obama’s budget would give us trillion dollar deficits for as far as the eye can see. But, he has a plan. James Capretta in NRO:

First, massive and steady tax hikes, not just over the next few years but every year for the next quarter century to match the explosion in entitlement costs. Second, they want stiff government cost controls on the entire health sector, not just on public insurance programs.

Oh goody.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says the total tax hike over the next ten years will exceed $800 billion — a significant sum. But that’s really just the beginning of it. The authors of Obamacare were looking for a “game-changer” that went beyond a near-term tax hike. What they really wanted was a perpetual cash machine for the government, something that would generate ever-increasing amounts of revenue over the coming decades without forcing Democratic politicians to cast any further votes in support of higher taxation.

Obamacare will become a perpetual <strongtax-increasing machine. For The Children™.

I won

The way this works is that the the tax hikes associated with Medicare are not indexed to inflation. So, as wages go up (which they eventually will, I assume) increasing members of the population (read the middle class) will be counted-in on taxes that were originally targeted at “the wealthy.” Same goes for the tax on Cadillac plans, which is at a fixed rate. Health care costs will go up and up every year, until everyone is on a “Cadillac” plan.

There will be no vote. No democrats will have to put their re-election on the line. More people will simply join the tax-paying brackets. Brackets, right now, described as only affecting “the rich.” Class warfare BABY!

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2 Comments on “The Democrats Stealth Budget Plan”

  1. When did entitlements become theprimary duty of government?

    (I know, I know. I’m a hater for even asking the question, but I do not withdraw it.)

  2. MJ Says:


    New math.

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