Multiculturalism V Diversity

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H/t Dareeen.

Also see, if you haven’t, my video from Germany I posted the other day.

We must embrace diversity and utterly reject multiculturalism. EOL.

They have seen that separate groups on the fringes of society sometimes succumb to demagoguery. This is why Cameron, a pillar of sobriety, strode bravely amidst an onslaught of liberal recrimination, asserting that state multiculturalism has failed, and that Britain needs to apply “muscular liberalism” against some Muslim groups that promote Islamist extremism.

Cameron is probably aware of polls, such as one conducted by the Daily Telegraph showing that 32 percent of British Muslims believe that “Western society is decadent and immoral and that Muslims should seek to bring it to an end.”

We know about the extremists in “Londonistan,” but consider this impertinence from some disaffected lads in Manchester. In a letter to the national newspaper The Daily Mail, they said: “We British Muslim lads born in England of Pakistani parents … don’t wish to be ‘radicalized’ and we would never become terrorists, but the continued use of an anti-Islamic flag increases our sympathy for … our fellow Muslims who believe direct action is the only way to make our voices heard.”

The flag is none other than the St. George’s Cross, and it has been flying proudly for many centuries in England and other Western regions that boast St George as their patron saint.

We don’t want their culture here. Item:

A priest and three deacons are missing following an attack last night by about 4,000 Muslims in the town of Soul (30 kilometres south of Cairo) against the local Coptic community. The mob attacked Christian homes and set fire to the Saints Mina and George Coptic Church, ostensibly because of a relationship between a Christian man and a Muslim woman.

The woman’s father committed the ultimate sin of not killing his daughter for bringing shame to the family. So, he was killed by his cousin. The girl’s brother then killed the cousin, and the whole thing was then blamed on the Christians.

From comments:

OK, so a couple muslims murder other muslims, and the rest of the muslims blame Christians.

Shouldn’t they be blaming Jews?

Regardless, this we do not want. None of it. If these barbaric muslims want to live like this, they can stay the heck in the Middle East.

I welcome with open arms Muslims who want to be Western. Come on in. Welcome to our decadence.

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