More on Queen Sheila Jackson Lee

Because it’s just fricken funny.Is this lady insane?

I blame us- the people, the voters. We’ve allowed elected officials to believe that they are somehow better than us, smarter than us. Above us. Anyway, on to the story.

A constituent of Queen Lee wanted to know what the deal was with scholarship awards for Texas 18, Lee’s district. Several requests for the information were made. Leading up to this letter:

“I am a resident of the 18th Congressional District (TX18CD) in Texas. Sheila Jackson-Lee, a member of the CBC, represents TX18CD and may have either not awarded all of the CBC Scholarships that were available to the TX18CD or may have awarded them to ineligible students.

“Congresswoman Shelia Jackson-Lee has not provided a public accounting of how these valuable scholarships for the residents of the TX18CD have or have not been awarded as of the date of this letter.”

Press release from Queen SJL:

“As the November 2nd General Election draws closer, dirty politics and untruths are underway with an attempt to smear the incumbent representative of the historic 18th Congressional District, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. The ability and commitment to focus on the issues facing the constituents is unfortunately not the main center of attention for her opponent and others in the community.”

This is nothing but dirty politics. Oh, but it gets better:

The fact of the matter is that Jackson Lee, during her tenure, has consistently presented scholarships to numerous recipients, who have been deserving of financial aid,” the Press Release stated. “The Jackson Lee designated CBCF scholarship recipients, have been able to pursue their higher education goals at various Texas colleges and universities as well as other HBCU’s across the country. The students have been most appreciative of the opportunity to further their education due to the CBCF Scholarship Fund and subsequently, many of them have graduated and have become productive citizens in our community.”

How dare the peons ask for accountability from the Queen? Many, MANY people have been most appreciative of what Lee has done for her. No, she doesn’t have time to give names. Or dates. Just trust her.

“She (Lee) has continued to be an advocate for children and youth and was recently named a “Champion for Children” by First Focus Campaign for Children, a national bipartisan child advocacy group, who released last week the top 100 Members of Congress who have made the improvement for the well being of children a national priority. Jackson Lee responds, ‘I am humbled to receive this recognition which truly is an honor. As the Founder and Chair of the Congressional Children’s Caucus, I remain committed to helping our youth to see a brighter future and provide opportunities and scholarships that will assist them in their journey to build a greater tomorrow’.”

Ba haa haaa haaa. I doubt the Queen has ever been humbled.

As I mentioned in comments down below, Queen SJL had promised students scholarships and failed to deliver.

Sheila has promised scholarships and has never followed up, which caused great imposition on these families because she didn’t do what she said. Sheila has gone to schools and people all over Acres Homes promising these scholarships and none have been awarded. It doesn’t matter what group she talks to, Sheila Jackson Lee will lie to them,” House said.

Ms. House said that families who are waiting on Rep. Jackson Lee to make good on her promise eventually find themselves in the position of having to seek scholarships elsewhere and because they waited on Lee they are then behind in the process increasing the likelihood that their children won’t get any scholarships at all.

House said she became more concerned about the scholarships in the Texas 18th after learning of the awarding of scholarships to ineligible students by Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson in Dallas.

I can find nothing that indicates whether Queen SJL ever gave up the required requested information.

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6 Comments on “More on Queen Sheila Jackson Lee”

  1. Hotspur Says:

    Ms. House is obviously a racist.

  2. agiledog Says:

    These are not the scholarship recipients you are looking for.

  3. Car in Says:

    Well, duh. Or maybe a Teabagger.

  4. Jay in Ames Says:

    Fun stuff, Car in!

  5. MJ Says:

    The article above should throw a little gasoline on the fire. I guess I don’t understand why politicians, who have a job owed to the public, are not held to standards similar to the private sector. If a person in a position of authority treated employees in the manner that SJL does, they would be fired. Are there no ethics violations in abusing employees?

    And don’t even get me started on the sex scandals. What happens outside of the office isn’t anyone’s business but the families involved, but if its inside the office, both parties should be immediately fired. Can you imagine a CEO of a company fucking a subordinate on company time, and getting away with it?

    Fuck these public sector parasites who live, and treat the people to whom they owe their existence, as moral demagogues. When we pay their salaries, we have every right to demand that they perform their responsibilities to the highest ethical and accountable standards.

    /Rant off

  6. Car in Says:

    Yea, I read that too.

    You stupid motherfucker.


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