Koch Brothers

Ocean Cat popped up in comments to sneer about Koch’s editorial I quoted yesterday. The charge, I assume, was hypocrisy. Hard to tell, of course, with her drive-by one-liners.

Powerline addresses this ignorance that is being spread among the leftsphere.

Read the Powerline piece. But I liked this bit:

So, to sum up: Think Progress has come up with not a single instance of a “special deal” or of “market manipulation,” let alone a “long history.” Think Progress is left-wing fantasy written by uneducated, inexperienced kids who, despite their lack of qualifications, are funded by billionaires with an axe to grind. It is hard to understand why anyone takes them seriously.

Regardless of whatever the heck liberals are saying about the Koch brothers, I’ve got one name for you. George Soros.

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