Cat Poat II

Yawn. I had to fast forward through much of this show. That doesn’t bode well. The episodes in Hollywood and Vegas set me up that we were going to see the best talent EVER on AI. When they let Colton Dixon go, I should have known that was all a lie.

Distracting picture, to pretend this isn't a poat about American Idol

I could recap, but why when someone else has done it for me?

I hope Jordan goes home. Usher? Really? That. Was. Horrible. My husband is gunning for Brett Loewenstern to go home; I don’t think he can handle watching that hair flip move one more time.

Best of the night? Scotty McCreery, Stefano Lagone, James Durbin, and Jacob Lusk.

Fast forwarded through Jovany Baretto, Tim Halperin, Robbie Rosen, and I was tempted with Paul McDonald (and I lurv him).

Casey Abrams was too angry. Tone it down. Sing more, act less.

Clint Jun Gamboa did Stevie Wonder, and … just no. If you’re going to to a Stevie song, you’ve got to take the song in a completely different direction, because no one can match up to his version. Just can’t. He’s got a better voice than you, and a ton more funk.

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2 Comments on “Cat Poat II”

  1. Kirby Says:

    I was disappointed after all the hype (yours and others) watching last night… I was thinking heh? And I don’t remember one name.

  2. Car in Says:

    Yea, it was disappointing.

    The link up there goes to a nice breakdown, critic, that I agree with. You’ll recognize the singers there, because they talk about their songs.

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