FIAF – unhinged edition

From Jay Nordlinger at the Corner:

In Wisconsin, the schoolteachers and other “public employee” beauties are going to the homes of Republican lawmakers, screaming, denouncing, etc. The situation has gotten very bad. We know where you live. Yesterday, I had a talk with Sen. Randy Hopper, recorded here. Republican lawmakers have received threats, and credible ones: threats to their physical well-being. They are not disclosing their movements, whether they are sleeping in their own homes. They are working with law enforcement on how best to protect themselves and their families.

I admire these Republicans, for persisting in the face of these threats, for continuing to do the job that the voters elected them to do. It’s not easy. It would be more comfortable to give in — to give in to the screaming and violent minority. And I don’t know about you, but I never want to hear from the Left about “civility” again. Ever.

Perhaps we need to send these folks to the new Civility Center in Arizona? I, for one, can’t wait to see what kind of affect the center has on American politics.

In that vein, the most useful thing the University of Arizona could do is identify instances of civility and incivility in public debate, making itself the Politifact for politeness. With some publicity, that might slightly tweak the incentives for those participating in national debates. Milward says the institute is thinking of doing something like that eventually.

But first it’s going to convene conferences, offer workshops and connect different groups that work on civil engagement. Groups, presumably, such as the Institute for Civility in Government, which runs “workshops” in which participants “learn what civility makes possible, and what incivility prevents.” It’s a four-step program:

Session 1 – Know thyself/differences are enriching
Session 2 – Listen with your heart, mind and strength
Session 3 – Help comes from unexpected places
Session 4 – One is powerful, but numbers count

Call me a pessimistic realist, but I’m not sure more workshops are really going to help.

Uhm. Yea. Will there be chanting at this seminar? Hand holding. A rousing version of Kumbaya?

I’ve got a great idea. How about you get people who can discus ideas, facts, and figures, instead of the usual mind-numbed robots who need to resort to chants when the questions get too hard. See, here is the problem:

Did that woman put forth ONE argument? Of course not, she simply spouted empty union platitudes. You can’t discuss ideas with such people.

But, the current crop of mindless robots isn’t enough for Obama. That’s why his Organizing for Obama America is coming after our kids this summer.

This summer, Organizing for America will train a new team of summer organizers. We’re looking for a new generation of organizers — not only to help us win elections but also to help strengthen our democracy in communities across the country.

If you apply and are selected, you’ll be trained in the basic organizing principles that have helped to build and power this movement, and you’ll be assigned to a specific community where you’ll get to work organizing supporters.

Oh goody.

Mind cleanser here.

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One Comment on “FIAF – unhinged edition”

  1. JAM2 Says:

    Organizing for Obama ….

    Car in that about sums it up…

    0 for O

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