Cat Poat

Since no one is around, I feel perfectly comfortable taking my pants off and admitting that I’ve watched every bit of American Idol since they started their Hollywood rounds.

I’m hooked.

Distracting picture, to pretend this isn't a poat about American Idol

They’ve got the best group of singers they’ve EVER had. That said, I agree with this:

*Why are so many of the guys a-holes? Jordan, Clint, James, Jovany… so hard to like. Can we please trade Jordan and Clint for Jacee and Colton? Colton is incredibly marketable and talented. I think letting him go was a huge mistake. And I was almost confused as to why he was cut. Then I remembered they’re STILL trying to get a girl to win this thing again. Even if they have to fake .*cough* Jordin Sparks *cough* And American already loves Jacee so why not keep him around a bit for ratings at least? You’ve made worse decisions. *cough* Jordin Sparks *cough*

Big mistake letting Colton Dixon go. He was incredible. There are many guys he could easily out-sing and replace among the guys in the top 12 .

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12 Comments on “Cat Poat”

  1. agiledog Says:

    American Idol? Really?

    Well, at least that is another thing you ave in common with my wife. Do you watch Survivor too? She was torn this week when both were on at the same time…

    And put your pants back on. Your muscular legs are making me jealous.

  2. If you were really cool, you would be watching ‘Justified’.

  3. Kirby Says:

    Just started watching this week – if I watch usually not till they get down to 10 or 12 people, watched this week because several people said it was good this year… I’ll have to check YouTube for this Coltin. AND how much cosmetic work has Steven Tyler had done?

  4. Car in Says:

    I want to watch Justified. I need to catch up/order last season on DVD.

    I do not watch Survivor or Dancing with the Stars or any of those other ones.

  5. couponcan Says:

    This is my first season following American Idol and I have to say I’m hooked too! And Colton Dixon should have made it…. but he’s so talented and only 19. He will be famous, somehow…someway!

  6. Vmaximus Says:

    I am watching “Justified”

    But I missed the first season, and I am confused?

  7. JAM2 Says:

    *feet on the Resolute Desk*
    yep… got distracted…

  8. But I missed the first season, and I am confused?

    If you missed the first season, you have every right to be confused.

  9. agiledog Says:

    AND how much cosmetic work has Steven Tyler had done?

    If he has had any done, he should be asking for a refund….

  10. Car in Says:

    *feet on the Resolute Desk*
    yep… got distracted…

    That image just chafes my ass.

  11. Kirby Says:

    On Steven Tyler – his pics from a year or two ago look rougher than today, and methinks his face looks younger than his neck….

  12. Car in Says:

    Last night’s show reminded me how much Colton Dixon should have been on it.

    Jordon SUCKED. Usher? Really? Yuck.

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