What do they want?

Geoff sends along this link regarding a “sick out” in West Bloomfield, Michigan. So, what are they upset about?

The total compensation of a West Bloomfield teacher grew 173 percent over an 11-year period, going from $47,346 to $129,637, according to information that was presented at a school board meeting in December.

The teacher’s salary started at $31,881 in 1999-00 and grew to $85,836 in 2010-11. Meanwhile, insurance payments climbed from $9,309 to $19,304 per year, and retirement contributions jumped from $3,717 to $16,854 per year.

Forty percent of the teachers participated in the sick out. What are they pissed about? Negotiations broke down last summer, and they are currently with contracts.

The WBEA has so far refused the district’s request that the teachers take a 10 percent salary reduction with a freeze on the step raises provided by their current contract, according to information posted on the school district’s official website.

Another source of contention has been requiring employees to contribute to the cost of their health insurance, which is increasing by an estimated 19.6 percent. According to the website, suggested contributions would be $100 per month for family coverage, $80 for two people, and $60 for an individual. District officials estimate that this could save the district between $300,000 and $600,000 over the course of the school year.

Memo to public workers. The taxpayers are sick of paying for your perks.


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One Comment on “What do they want?”

  1. JAM2 Says:

    my father is a retired teacher and he has no use for these clowns… he always recognized what an amazing career path for the “right” personality teaching actually can be. You get to enjoy a comfortable work environment, decent… to outstanding compensation, summers off, working with children to build a better future… etc, etc, etc…

    All these putzes are concerned with is bilking the tax payer out of as much money as they can… I say go all Reagan on them (ala Air Traffic Control). Fire the dumb fucks and have them re-apply.

    Here in NY State we just had an incident in Albany where some of the top teacher union schmuckety schmucks had a major meltdown at a restaurant because their dinners weren’t big enough…. they had to be escorted out by Albany PD. W…T…F!
    This teaches our kids what exactly?

    Unions are killing us.

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