This isn’t a budget …

Top Ten Failures of the Obama Budget. That is a must read primer. Read it. Memorize it. Tell everyone you know.

But, as the Chicago Boyz pointed out, this isn’t a budget, it’s a campaign strategy.

Put forth a ridiculous, fantasy-island budget, and when the republicans try to clean it up? Skewer them.

It’s all very depressing, because – of course- we’re fucked. Meanwhile, Obamaphiles stick their fingers in their ear and chant “He’s still cleaning up Bush’s mess” to any serious questions directed their way.

Stanley Kurtz sees it a tad differently. It’s isn’t merely a campaign strategy, it’s a path toward his long-term goals (combined with the campaign strategy necessary to get there):

Obama gains immensely by fudging or simply keeping silent about his ideological commitments and long-term plans. (The imaginary ten-year out projections in the current budget, of course, are a cover for next year’s expansion of government and do not represent the president’s actual long-term plans.)
It will not do to chastise Obama’s budget proposal as a simple “refusal to lead,” a “punt,” or a “cynical political maneuver.” Obama isn’t failing to lead. He is very cleverly leading us toward an irreversible expansion of the welfare state. If Obama is reelected and in control when the entitlement crisis finally does hit, he will manage the country toward Euro-style taxes and Euro-style socialism. After all, in the midst of its current fiscal crisis, Obama is pushing Europe to expand spending, not contract it.

We need another “YOU LIE” moment in regards to this budget.

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