FIAF- We’re ‘effed Edition

How’s this for a title? Crises Puts White House in Disarray. Obama backed Mubarak, then backed the protesters, then said that Mubarak should go. Yesterday, Hope and Change:

Speaking earlier in the day in northern Michigan, the President of the United States announced “we are witnessing history unfold.” Against this remarkable build-up of expectations, Mr. Mubarak delivered his speech.

Then Mubarak got in front of his people and said “PSYCH – I’m not leaving bitch.”

In the White House, frustration is giving way to a sense of powerlessness.

“The mystique of America’s superpower status has been shattered,” said Steve Clemons, director of the American Strategy Program of the New America Foundation, who has attended two meetings with the National Security Council on Egypt.

At a meeting with outside advisers Monday, four National Security Council officials were pressed on what U.S. diplomacy had accomplished. The officials said their efforts had helped avoid “catastrophic” bloodshed by helping to restrain Egyptian security forces, two participants said.

Yea. Sure it did. Good job, Brownie!

Arab and Israeli diplomats said Mr. Obama’s decision to throw his full support behind the opposition after eight days of protests has likely broken ties with Mr. Mubarak beyond repair.

The move also had the effect of pushing Mr. Mubarak closer to regional allies Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which have urged Mr. Mubarak to hold his ground.

And now that Mubarak isn’t stepping down …. OOPS!

Smart Diplomacy! Yea, not so much.

And, since I’m crimping from the puppy blender this morning, I have to quote from another of his links:

Just ponder how a third-rate community organizer — from the most incestuously corrupt political region in the U.S.; with a record of participation in the most vulgar gathering of Jeremiah Wright posing as a reverend, spouting Fanonian rhetoric and bigotry; with mentors such as the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers; channelling the teachings of Saul Alinsky and Rashid Khalidi of the Chomsky school of self-loathing and sophistry — could advance through the ranks of American politics at an astounding speed, with little or no record of experience in government, to become the 44th president. In one of my columns from 2008 for the Sun Media in Canada, I had written in disbelief, as I watched the primaries unfold, of how American voters could be so beguiled by a charlatan of the Harold Hill type from The Music Man and vote for Obama. I was wrong in my overestimation of reason and experience among American voters as a check on the naivete of the university crowd and the duplicity of Lenin’s “useful idiots” in free societies. One of the lessons from 2008, for me, is this: how can I now scold Egyptians for wanting freedom and democracy behind the banners of the Muslim Brotherhood when their experience with electoral politics is negligible, and their history of 7,000 years offer little guidance for what freedom requires — respect for the other and not mistaking freedom for licentiousness?

If even “we” can’t get it right, how can such be expected of the Egyptians?

Of course, if they listen to folks like Obama’s director of intelligence … but that’s like “jumbo shrimp” or “boneless ribs” or (as Obama’s shown us) “smart diplomacy.”

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