FIAF – (and Obama is f-ing up all over)

Obama and his administration are above the law.

Regarding Obamacare?

In short, the Democrats are giving themselves the right to ignore a federal court ruling. And the mainstream media doesn’t seem to care much.

Regarding the Louisiana federal judge ruling that the Interior Department is in contempt for re-imposing a deepwater oil-drilling moratorium?

Best just to ignore it entirely.

After all, laws aren’t meant to constrain the ruling class — particularly when it’s acting “progressively”; because who in their right mind would be against progress?

No, laws are there to make sure the riff-raff buy what they’re told to buy. It’s in the Constitution.

Next we have the inept handling of the Egyptian resolution. Mubarek isn’t a dictator, then he is, I guess because he should step down. The smartest president EVA is making friends everywhere.

U.S. President Barack Obama has attempted to abruptly push aside Mr. Mubarak in favor of a transition government, sparking a rift with key Arab allies Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, which fear the U.S. is opening the door for Islamist groups to gain influence and destabilize the region.

Nice going. The WSJ:

The Obama administration has, like the demonstrators in Tahrir Square, rejected Mr. Mubarak’s promise to step down in eight months after nationwide elections in September. According to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, President Obama phoned the Egyptian leader Tuesday evening and said, “The time for a transition has come, and that time is now.”

The proper optics through which to view this move, on Obama’s part, is not that he is strong-arming Mubarek as POTUS. He is, you see, siding with the protesters.

If Mr. Mubarak leaves now, the result is likely to be an anarchical or Islamist Egypt, or some of both until another dictatorship emerges. It is not by accident that from Morocco to India there is no democracy except for the one built by the U.S. in Iraq: Mainstream Islam, not just Islamism, rejects the legitimacy of democratic legislation that could contradict Shariah law.

David Pryce-Jones:

These Westerners all take it for granted that the protesters share their understanding of freedom and democracy, and once they are rid of the brutal and corrupt rulers all will be fine, and Arab societies will be just like ours.

This is evidently President Obama’s assumption. Famous as an anti-colonialist and openly contemptuous of the British for the way they used to order people about, he nonetheless sends an envoy to instruct President Mubarak peremptorily to leave office and start a process of “orderly transition.” He is taking it upon himself to arrange the government of another country. Never mind the hypocrisy, this is as imperious as anything the British ever did.

Mubarak has been a faithful ally of the United States these 30 years, and for all his faults has kept the peace. His abrupt and unceremonious dumping signifies that no head of state anywhere can in future trust the United States.

But, but but, he’s just siding with the protesters?! It is the plastic hour when history hangs in the balance.

Orderly transition” is mere verbiage in the circumstances, displaying ignorance as well as imperialism. No mechanism exists to pass power from Mubarak to anyone else. The plastic hour fills with ambitious contenders: Omar Suleiman, Muhammad El-Baradei, the Muslim Brotherhood, and some likely generals who can command the army. It will be just good luck if the winner of this free-for-all is not brutal and corrupt, and now untrustworthy into the bargain. And in the event that this winner turns out bad, Obama has made sure that the United States gets the blame.

Quick review – Egyptians are overwhelmingly Islamists.

Now, after all that bad newz (we’re doomed, Obama is acting like an Emperor, the ME is likely to go downhill rather rabidly under his watch) how bout some Christian rock?

There, all better now?

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2 Comments on “FIAF – (and Obama is f-ing up all over)”

  1. Vmaximus Says:

    I read something the other day that said that 95% of Egyptians believe in freedom of religion.

    Apparently as long as it is Islam, seeing as 85% of them think that one should be killed for choosing to leave Islam.

  2. JAM2 Says:

    Levin had an interesting rundown on how Obama / his Administration is currently in contempt of court…

    He actually went so far as to (and i loosely paraphrase)call for impeachment based on this.

    Tick – Tock… Tick-Tock… it’s a race to save this Country.

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