Snow Day Musings

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White House calls Ruling Striking Down Health Care Law ‘An Outlier’:

Stephanie Cutter, Deputy Senior Advisor to the president, issued a blog statement pushing back at the judge’s ruling that Congress cannot force individuals to buy health insurance. She said the Constitution authorizes Congress to regulate commerce.

Individuals who choose to go without health insurance are actively making an economic decision that impacts all of us,” she wrote. “As Congress found, every year millions of people without insurance obtain health care they cannot pay for, shifting tens of billions of dollars in added cost onto those who have insurance and onto taxpayers.”

To solve this problem of those who can’t afford health insurance, Obamacare proposes help them buy it and to shift that cost to those who can pay. This solves the problem how?

So for, since Obamacare “passed” my family’s health insurance – no frills, I will add – has gone up $3000 a year.

Thank Fuck You Obamacare.

WSJ on the ruling:

The Obama administration claimed that the individual mandate is a necessary and proper means of carrying out its reforms in the health-insurance market. These reforms include requiring insurers to offer coverage to those with pre- existing conditions, to extend coverage to dependents up to age 26, and to eliminate lifetime coverage caps. Because these reforms make health insurance more expensive, the government’s lawyers claim that unless everyone is forced to buy health insurance, too many healthy people will sit on the market sidelines as “free riders” until they become ill. So in order to make the “reformed” health-insurance market work, it’s necessary and proper to force everyone to buy insurance.

It was necessary and proper that I pay for other people’s healthcare, you see.

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One Comment on “Snow Day Musings”

  1. Hotspur Says:

    Gee, that’s funny. I clearly remember that this whole bullshit started with the claim that millions of Americans had no health care.

    Seems like there’s been quite the shift in what the actual “crisis” is.

    Anyone notice?

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