Passing along some f-ing knowledge

El Baradei – the media’s choice for the face of the Egyptian revolution (do we capitalize that yet?) – is an Iranian tool.

The Egyptian Newspaper Al Youm Al Sabeh reports: In a communication to the Attorney General of Egypt, Dr. Yasser Najib Abdel Mabboud, has accused Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, former Director General of International Atomic Energy Agency and a candidate in the Egyptian presidential elections, of receiving funds exceeding $7 million (US) from Iran’s leadership as support for ‘political reform in Egypt’.

So if you want THIS revolution to turn out like the Iranian one, back El Baradei. More from The Tatler:

f this really is Iran/Syria/Hezbollah at work, it satisfies any number of their shared goals, not the least of which is to set up a pan-Islamic push on Israel. Twelver Persian, Baathist Syrian, permanently aggrieved Lebanese and Pali, Islamist MB…all brought together for the elimination of Israel under a single banner with the combined national means of all of the states they control (including imported Nork missile and nuke tech). It’s like multi-culti Nasserism. And these people know that they have essentially two years in which the US is unlikely to react with much vigor to any single country falling.

So who to blame for this mess? Who else?

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2 Comments on “Passing along some f-ing knowledge”

  1. iTouchbeasn Says:

    Which means Barry will back the tool because Barry is part of and sympathetic to the borg.

  2. Car in Says:

    From Daily beast:

    On Sunday, the Obama administration appeared to accept the inevitable, calling for an “orderly transition” of power in Egypt. The Los Angeles Times says the Obama Administration recognized that longtime ally President Mubarak was doomed as early as last Wednesday. Administration insiders “recognized that change was coming and they needed to be on the right side of history and not try to keep Mubarak in power against all odds,” says the Times’ source. Obama spent Saturday talking to regional allies, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Saudi King Abdullah, and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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