E.J. Dionne Jr is an idiot

Washington Post:

With their vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Republicans began their tenure on a negative footing, railing against what was done while offering nothing to put in its place. Whatever the problems with last year’s law – and it is gaining popularity as Americans look at what it actually does – the country does not see nothing as a realistic alternative.

How about NOTHING? It’s not the governments job to provide health care insurance to the U.S. population.

And, in the last year since the “Affordable Care Act” has been signed, my family’s health care insurance has gone up $3000.


FU Washington.

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4 Comments on “E.J. Dionne Jr is an idiot”

  1. MJ Says:

    Mine went up 25%. I wanted a very high deductible, emergency only coverage, but can’t get it. Instead we went with an HSA for the year to see realize some savings. The HSAs are being pushed out though, so this is probably the only year I’ll be able to get it.

    It’s hard for people to understand the magnitude of the increases to their favored policies on a hard working family until you it is put in real terms: Write a check, every month to the Treasury for $200. That’s your share of Cap and Trade if it gets through. Write a check for $250 to provide insurance for people who don’t want to buy it, or feel they are entitled to it. No one ever does it, but it feels real to them when they have to sit down and actually pay for the crap they think WE should pay for. Until their money is put where their proverbial mouth is, I’m pretty sure they can all go to hell.

    Inevitably I get the, “you can afford it” argument. FU. It’s my money and I’ll decide how I want to spend it. Telling me how you think I should spend my money doesn’t make you righteous or moral, it makes you a thief and an asshole.

  2. agiledog Says:

    It’s not the governments job to provide health care insurance to the U.S. population.

    Except the LSM, the goverment, and 52% of voters believe it IS the goverment’s job to take care of you. Until we change those last two, we’ll continue to see such drivel.

  3. EJ Dione? “Brutus” would like to have a word or two with you…


  4. Car in Says:

    And what proof does Jr. have that Obamacare is gaining in popularity as people find out what’s in it?

    Bullshit. He’s just repeating the administration’s line.

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