Why is Obama pretending to be a moderate?


A senior administration official said Mr. Obama is now well-positioned to win the public to his side if Republicans in Congress adopt hard-line stances on health care and spending to please their conservative base. White House officials want the president to be seen as the one extending a cooperative hand if relations between the parties break down.

Long game. Obama is a moderate and those evil Republicans cannot move ONE inch.

Of course, the “Obama is a moderate” is nothing but a facade. He’s done nothing to moderate. They’ve merely presented him as one, and the media has gone along.

Such ambivalence tinged with optimism comes as Mr. Obama continues what appears to be a successful repositioning in the political center. Forty percent of Americans now see him as a moderate, up 10 percentage points from a year ago. The number calling him “very liberal” has declined from 33% in January 2010, to 27% now. Forty-four percent of independents now call the president a moderate, up from 28% a year ago.

It’s working. Oh, it’s working.

“When I voted for him, his rhetoric was liberal,” said John Grech, 42, a high-school government teacher in Sebastopol, Calif. “I haven’t seen a liberal president. I’ve seen a moderate president who makes deal after deal.” A self-described liberal, Mr. Grech said he was unhappy with Mr. Obama’s job performance.

See! The uber liberals are unhappy with him. He must be a moderate. Memo to the uber-left: there was NO way Obama was going to be able to make your political wet-dream of full-on socialism. No way. That he didn’t is a political reality; not some sign that he’s a moderate.

For anyone who has the temerity to suggest that Obama is a moderate, I have one thing to say.

Obama believes, and insituted a plan in which health coverage is a RIGHT for all Americans. A right.

Health care, as a right, is not a moderate idea. Health care controlled by the government is not a moderate idea. Obama is not a moderate.

This is a triangulation by the administration to put forth a liberal agenda and then to accuse any Republican opposition to it as merely political.

This week’s “Executive Order” to stream line regulations and red tape was simply more theater. How is that a “moderate” idea?

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6 Comments on “Why is Obama pretending to be a moderate?”

  1. MJ Says:

    I saw aN NBC/WSJ poll this morning that 55% people think Obama will strike the right balance, but only 32% think Republicans will.

    I guess that 2 years of yelling, “they are the party of NO!” paid off.

  2. Car in Says:

    Yep yep yep.

    People are sheep. They believe anything the marketing arm of the White House puts out. If, of course, it is backed up by the media.

    I mean, Rush and Fox just lie and cause paranoid schizophrenics to kill people.

  3. iTouchbeasn Says:

    Thing is, the public wants the spineless ones to take a hard line and reverse the shit this guy has done.

    The fellating the media does on him…this must be what a bath house feels like. Gross.

  4. iTouchbeasn Says:

    People are not only sheep but they are selfish greedy f**ks, to boot.

    Conversations about social security have devolved to shouting matches with my sister. She says ‘we as a society must take care of each other’. But she, the woman who was all over the cash I lended her due to her own bad choices, would never reach in to her own pocket to help ANYONE out.

    In her mind, goverment theft from her neighbor to her pocket is swell because no damned way will she take a job beneath her OR have to visit a food pantry where the choices are icky, again.

  5. Car in Says:

    Yea, ask your sister what SHE is going to contribute to society in ANY way.

  6. beasn Says:

    Car in, I did. Just like I asked my dem/union/loving father.

    I was glad I was on the other end of the phone instead of right in front of them. Their heads spun and I just know they were spitting pea soup.

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